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Del Monte has sacked its 250 security guards who have increasingly been accused of violation of human rights.

The company replaced them with those from G4S.

This was seen as part of moves to redeem its image and restore public confidence, pineapple fruit processor.

The Company’s Acting Deputy Managing Director Wayne Cook said their decision was informed by the high rate at which thieves have been stealing pineapples at their farms.

Cook said there has been a well-coordinated criminal operation targeting their plantations where gangs of youths armed with machetes have been invading their fields and stealing large quantities of pineapples.

He said a Human Rights Impact Assessment (HRIA) recommendation endorsed outsourcing security personnel as part of best practices who can effectively deal with pineapple thieves and maintain good relationships with the locals.

“Given the company’s reputation and alignment with the HRIA findings, Delmonte Kenya has engaged G4S Kenya to oversee security operations. G4S is well regarded in providing top security due to its expertise in the security fields,” a statement read.

From their agreement, he said, G4S will deploy 270 security personnel who have undergone rigorous training on dealing with pineapple thieves and who can better relate with the surrounding community.

The sacked guards on Monday evening staged protests outside the company’s canary offices in Thika accusing the company of sacking them without notice.

They called on the government to intervene and ensure they get justice.

G4S Kenya maintains a steadfast dedication to ethical business practices and is aligned with recognized international human rights standards across its operations.

“Led by experienced G4S Kenya officers, our teams will work closely with Del Monte Kenya and local law enforcement when incidents of theft do happen,” said Laurence Okelo, Managing Director of G4S Kenya.

“Positive, inclusive, and constructive community engagement is a central consideration, and we will work with local communities focusing on theft prevention, conflict resolution, and improving communications.”

As part of the partnership, all security operations will be outsourced to G4S Kenya.

Del Monte Kenya is committed to ensuring that this transition is executed with precision and effectiveness, prioritizing the safety and integrity of its operations and personnel.

The firm has in the recent past been battling with allegations of its guards beating to death and other times maiming people who trespass into their farms to steal pineapples and in some instances dump the bodies into dams in the farms.

Local and international human rights groups have been at loggerheads with the company and have filed cases in court.

The company has 6,500 workers employed directly and 28,000 others who are indirectly employed by the firm.

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