For the month of June, The Alliance for Fort Eisenhower is hosting the nation’s largest CyberPatriot Camp at the Georgia Cyber Innovation & Training Center.

133 campers from around the CSRA are participating in the Standard CyberPatriot camp this week.

The mission is to inspire k-12 students to pursue careers in cybersecurity and other STEM disciplines critical to our nation’s future.

The Alliance for Fort Eisenhower says this year 70% of campers have a family member in the military.

“I want to work in the NSA just like my dad,” mentor Christopher Basil says. “I really admire my dad and my brother, who does the same sort of stuff. i think that would be a really cool job and that’s just something i want to do.”

Also, 40% of campers are females, which is significant because there’s a shortage of women in the cyber field.

“I think that’s really cool that women can be able to do this stuff because a lot of it’s just men controlled, so I think it’s cool that women can also have this opportunity too,” camper, Sophia Smits says.

The Alliance for Fort Eisenhower will hold an advanced CyberPatriot Camp later this month. They say if you want to participate, you will have to wait until year because it’s already full.

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