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Global cybersecurity vendor CrowdStrike today announced the widespread availability of their Falcon Application Security Posture Management (ASPM), which forms an integral part of the CrowdStrike Falcon Cloud Security. The move comes in response to a surge in cloud intrusions over the past year, which have increased by 75%. This has consequently increased pressure on Security Operations (SecOps) teams already battling a dearth of skilled personnel and an abundance of unconnected tools. As a result, the ASPM capabilities of Falcon are designed to drive consolidation across SecOps with a unified platform, enhancing risk visibility and protection across the entire cloud estate.

“The rapid rate of changes and complexity of cloud environments can often result in misconfigurations and vulnerabilities. Fragmented platforms and disjointed products create a gap in security defences, leading to a breach. With Falcon Cloud Security integrating Falcon ASPM, we provide a single platform offering comprehensive risk visibility and workload protection across the entire cloud estate. This revolutionises Cloud-Native Application Protection Platform (CNAPP) with an integrated ASPM, providing organisations with a blueprint bridging the security and development team gap,” said Karan Gupta, Head of Engineering at CrowdStrike.

As a market leader, CrowdStrike extends its strategic ability for modern cloud security. This includes in-depth visibility, integration into DevOps workflows, and quick incident response capabilities necessary to manage and respond to incidents and secure complex cloud infrastructure and applications. CrowdStrike Falcon ASPM, via a single agent and single platform, delivers business threat contexts. It ensures that SecOps teams can instantly understand and prioritise high-risk threats and vulnerabilities that target mission-critical applications and their sensitive data. The platform offers complete monitoring across runtime environments, allowing security teams to quickly identify vulnerabilities across cloud infrastructure, workloads, apps, APIs, etc., to eliminate security gaps and prevent breaches effectively.

“With CrowdStrike Falcon ASPM, we’ve transitioned from multiple tools and high complexity alongside a significant expenditure for limited visibility to a single platform where we can perform everything. Cybersecurity is critical for scaling the company, and we know CrowdStrike is there to support us,” remarked Jason Deluce, Director of Information Technology at Porter Airlines.

CrowdStrike Falcon ASPM reduces gaps in cloud security, identifying and preventing cloud-based threats in real-time powered by industry-leading threat intelligence. It further delivers managed threat hunting with deep visibility across cloud, identity, and endpoints. This unified CNAPP capability speeds detection and response at every stage of a cloud attack, even when threats move from cloud to endpoint. By embedding security early in the application development lifecycle, CrowdStrike’s Falcon Cloud Security enables teams to address potential issues preemptively, streamlining the development process and improving efficiency across both development and security operations.

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