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Cranium, an enterprise AI security and trust software firm, has unveiled an industry-first exposure management solution named Cranium AI Exposure Management.

This offering provides organisations with a robust tool designed to protect and secure internal and third-party AI systems.

The Cranium Platform combines an AI-augmented workflow with a secure LLM architecture and proprietary threat intelligence. This innovative merger illuminates AI systems, characterises potential attack surfaces, and critically assesses vulnerabilities within an organisation.

According to Cranium Chief Executive Officer Jonathan Dambrot, “AI is now embedded into all the systems and business processes that make our world work, organisations face a critical dilemma: no one knows if their AI is secure. Add in increasing regulatory pressure and the pace of AI advancement, and risks are rapidly increasing. We’re solving these challenges by allowing organisations to gain peace of mind with an industry-first exposure management solution.”

Cranium AI Exposure Management empowers firms to recognise vulnerabilities in AI infrastructure, bolster the security and reliability of machine learning applications, and invigorate red-teaming pursuits to discover novel threats. By facilitating the uncovering of new threats, informing protective policies, and fortifying AI systems against known adversarial tactics and vulnerabilities, the tool is enabling secure AI/LLM development and usage.

The innovative tool enables AI red-teaming across each step of the ‘OODA loop’. Predicated upon Observing, Orienting, Deciding, and Acting, it offers Map and AI attack surface characterisation, comparison against up-to-the-minute threat intelligence, AI-enhanced business threat modelling insights, and organisational empowerment to analyse and act on high-priority threats.

“As organisations build and consume more AI services, this has opened up a new and growing attack surface and a series of risks for them to manage. Using Cranium’s Exposure Management Solution, security teams gain unparalleled visibility across the organisation’s AI ecosystems and insight to take precise and rapid action”, Dambrot explained. With Cranium’s invention, organisations can foster a security-driven development culture, accelerate AI adoption, and elevate security to match the pace of innovation.

Key features of the Craniums AI Exposure Management solution include creating a strong framework for safely integrating AI capabilities throughout business operations, enhancing visibility across AI infrastructure to optimise solution utilisation and mitigate risks, and formulating risk mitigation strategies to address vulnerabilities. Additionally, it ensures compliance with current and future regulatory standards, holds vendors accountable for compliance with evolving standards, and maintains a consistent awareness of AI vulnerabilities to secure against adversarial threats. Furthermore, it aligns data handling with privacy regulations to protect sensitive information, preserve customer trust, and provides audit-ready evidence for AI red-teaming activities for compliance with governance surrounding AI technologies.

The Cranium team will be available at the RSA Conference in San Francisco from May 6-9, 2024, for an immersive experience of their unique solution.

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