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CoinCola, a leading bitcoin and cryptocurrency exchange, has taken a significant step forward in enhancing user security by integrating Onfido’s state-of-the-art Know Your Customer (KYC) technology. This collaboration aims to streamline the identity verification process, making it faster and more reliable for users while reinforcing the exchange’s defenses against fraud.


Revolutionizing User Verification

In an effort to create a safer trading environment, CoinCola has revamped its KYC procedure through a partnership with Onfido, a company renowned for its fraud prevention and identity verification solutions. Users can now easily upload their ID documents, such as passports or national ID cards, directly through the CoinCola app under optimal lighting conditions. Onfido’s advanced technology then proceeds to compare and cross-reference the user’s facial biometrics from the uploaded ID, ensuring that the person trying to use the platform is indeed who they claim to be. This process is enhanced by a combination of manual checks and AI-powered verification methods, including selfie checks, to establish a comprehensive security net against fraudulent activities.

Empowering Users with Simplified Processes


The integration of Onfido’s KYC technology into CoinCola’s platform is a testament to the exchange’s commitment to user safety and regulatory compliance. By simplifying the identity verification process, CoinCola not only enhances its platform security but also improves user experience, making it more convenient for users to comply with KYC requirements. This move is particularly significant in the cryptocurrency space, where the anonymity of transactions can often be exploited for illicit activities. With Onfido’s support, CoinCola users can now enjoy a seamless verification process, enabling them to trade with confidence and peace of mind.

Bridging the Gap Between Security and Convenience

The adoption of Onfido’s KYC technology marks a pivotal moment for CoinCola, as it seeks to balance stringent security measures with user-friendly processes. This integration reflects a growing trend in the cryptocurrency industry towards adopting advanced technological solutions to address security concerns without compromising on user experience. By leveraging Onfido’s expertise in identity verification, CoinCola is setting a new standard for security in the crypto marketplace, ensuring that its platform remains a trusted and secure place for users to conduct their transactions.

As the digital currency landscape continues to evolve, the collaboration between CoinCola and Onfido underscores the importance of innovative solutions in enhancing platform security and user trust. With this strategic move, CoinCola not only fortifies its defenses against fraud but also positions itself as a forward-thinking leader in the cryptocurrency exchange market, committed to providing its users with a safe, efficient, and user-friendly trading experience.

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