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Cohesity is fortifying its AI-powered data security through a collaboration with Intel, designed to bring Intel’s confidential computing capabilities to the Cohesity Data Cloud. This move merges Cohesity’s cyber vault service, Fort Knox, with data-in-use encryption, marking a first in the data management sector, according to the company.

Cybersecurity challenges have long plagued CIOs around the globe. Traditional methods of data protection are limited whilst data is being actively processed in memory, rendering sensitive data unencrypted and susceptible to insider attacks. This collaborative solution offered by Cohesity and Intel is set to tackle this issue head-on.

It primarily aims to support Cohesity clients in reducing threats to data by implementing features of Intel’s confidential computing, made possible by Intel Software Guard Extensions(Intel SGX). This move is particularly vital to highly regulated sectors like healthcare, finance, and government where data confidentiality is of utmost importance.

Cohesity Data Cloud, the firm’s flagship platform, houses an array of cutting-edge technologies aimed at assisting large-scale organisations in securing sensitive data from malicious cyberattacks. Moreover, other collaborative efforts are underway, with an aim to mitigate customer cyber threats. A unique solution honours encryption keys that secure customer data in a hardware-secured environment, achieving this through Intel SGX for confidential computing in the cloud. This solution substantially minimises the threat of data exfiltration as privileged accounts cannot view or download data during its process of encryption.

Sanjay Poonen, CEO and President of Cohesity, remarked: “We are relentlessly focused on innovation that furthers our mission: To protect, secure, and provide insights into the world’s data. Collaborations with the biggest and most trusted names in tech, like Intel, are the reason why the largest global enterprises rely on us to strengthen their business resilience.”

Also, with the application of Intel SGX, Intel Trust Authority, and confidential computing, clients will see a decrease in risk and an uptick in security for cloud domains. In concluding, the CEO added that this would allow them to prioritise their business operations.

Intel’s involvement in data centre confidential computing technologies is well renowned, enabling clients (especially those handling sensitive or highly regulated data) to address their needs of confidentiality, integrity, and attestation for their workloads. “Cohesity’s adoption of our technology reflects the growing customer need to protect critical data in the cloud and advances our common goal of delivering a secure computing environment combined with the trust customers expect.” stated Greg Lavender, executive vice president and chief technology officer at Intel Corporation.

Cohesity will make an appearance as a Bronze sponsor hosting Intel Vision 2024 attendees in the Experience Lounge. There they can garner further insight on AI-powered data management, protection, and cyber resilience solutions offered by Cohesity. An encompassing feature is the demonstration of confidential computing enabled by Intel SGX in the Cohesity Data Cloud.

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