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ATLANTA, Ga. (Atlanta News First) – The Cobb County Sheriff’s Office opened a new security check point at the adult detention center Thursday.

The nearly $850,000 renovation brings new and innovative technology to the jail to prevent contraband from getting inside.

“We’re doing everything we can to make sure nothing comes in our facility that should not be here. Between drugs, weapons, anything,” Cobb Sheriff Craig Owens said.

The checkpoint features bullet proof glass at the front desk to protect staff, new gun lockers, and new x-ray machines to scan bags and bodies.

One of the new machines is the TEK84, with Sheriff Owens says detects more than their previous, traditional metal detectors. It uses artificial intelligence to do a 360-degree scan of everyone who enters the jail.

“It’s a body scanner that makes sure that anyone that comes in our facility doesn’t have any weapons or contraband on them,” Sheriff Owens said. “It’s just such advanced technology and it gives us such a great area body look to make sure they aren’t hiding anything inside there that we could not detect by just visually look at it. So it’s a great tool for us!”

Cobb is the latest law enforcement agency to purchase a TEK84, following in the footsteps of other Metro Atlanta counties like Fulton and Newton.

“It’s about safety for employees and safety for the public that’s visiting as well,” Sheriff Owens said.

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