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Chrome Enterprise Premium With New AI Security Features

Google has unveiled a significant upgrade to its enterprise browsing capabilities with the launch of Chrome Enterprise Premium.

This new offering is designed to support endpoint security, providing a more robust defense mechanism for organizations navigating the complexities of modern enterprise activities.

In the digital age, browsers have exceeded their traditional role and become the new enterprise operations endpoint.

They are the hub for authentication, access, communication, collaboration, and even coding.

Endpoint security has become increasingly challenging with the rise of remote work, an extended workforce, and the addition of devices outside the managed fleet.


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Recognizing this shift, Gartner research has predicted that enterprise browsers will become the core workforce productivity and security software platform, catering to managed and unmanaged devices to facilitate a seamless hybrid work experience.

Advanced Security with Chrome Enterprise Premium

Chrome is already a leader in browser security, known for its advanced sandboxing, exploit mitigations, and swift response to zero-day vulnerabilities.

Building on these strengths, Chrome Enterprise Premium introduces AI-powered features that perform privacy-preserving, real-time checks of websites to protect against sophisticated cyber threats.

The new Chrome Enterprise Premium extends Chrome Enterprise’s core capabilities, offering a secure and reliable browser with integrated management tools for IT and security teams.

Key Features of Chrome Enterprise Premium

  • Enterprise Controls: Enforce policies, manage updates and extensions, and support protocols like RDP, SCP, and SSH.
  • Security Insights and Reporting: Gain enterprise-wide visibility with event and device reporting and integrate with Google and third-party security solutions.
  • Context-Aware Access Controls: Implement Zero Trust access to SaaS and web apps and mitigate data exfiltration risks.
  • Threat and Data Protection: Benefit from content inspection, data loss prevention, anti-malware, anti-phishing, dynamic URL filtering, and site categorization.
Snap Inc. and Roche have already experienced the benefits of Chrome Enterprise Premium.
Snap Inc. and Roche have already experienced the benefits of Chrome Enterprise Premium.

Nick Reva from Snap Inc. reported a 50% reduction in content transfers due to the implementation of data loss prevention measures.

Tim Ehrhart from Roche highlighted the solution’s effectiveness in identifying and preventing a significant data exfiltration attempt within hours.

For those interested in learning more about Chrome Enterprise Premium, Google invites you to explore their sessions at Next ‘24, including a conversation with Nick Reva from Snap Inc. and an in-depth look at secure enterprise browsing.

Google’s latest innovation, Chrome Enterprise Premium, is set to redefine enterprise endpoint security.

It will leverage AI’s power and Google’s extensive threat intelligence network to provide unparalleled protection for corporate data and user activities.

For more information, visit the official Chrome Enterprise Premium website. 

This news article is based on Google Cloud Next’s latest announcement and provides an overview of the new Chrome Enterprise Premium with AI security features.

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