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Check Point Software, a provider of AI-powered, cloud-delivered cyber security solutions, announced the release of new email security features, boosting its Check Point Harmony Email & Collaboration portfolio. These include their patented unified quarantine, DMARC monitoring, archiving, and Smart Banners.

Since 2023, Check Point has bolstered its Harmony Email & Collaboration with over 75 new features, enhancing collaborative email security to combat cyber-attacks. These additions ensure high-end protection against sophisticated threats from a single screen.

Email continues to be the main medium for cyber-attacks, including phishing attempts, malware incursion, and Business Email Compromise (BEC) scams, despite the emergence of cutting-edge cyber defence technology. A CISA evaluation reveals that 84% of employees fell prey to a malicious email within ten minutes of receiving it – either they retorted with sensitive information or engaged with a spoofed link or attachment. Owing to the increasing improvement of phishing attacks with AI, making them appear more believable, it is paramount for companies to place email security as a high priority.

Gil Friedrich, Vice President of Email Security at Check Point Software Technologies, elucidates, “As a vanguard in email security solutions, we perpetually aim to deliver holistic security with our Archiving and DMARC capabilities, along with fostering innovation through our recent US patent for unified quarantine. In the face of threat actors continually discovering novel ways to weaponise email, we persist in leading the way in an all-encompassing, 360-degree security solution that proactively counters advanced phishing tactics wherever they may transpire.”

Fighting the escalating complexity of email threats necessitates advanced shields, inclusive of AI-powered detection processes. Integrated into the Check Point Infinity Platform, Harmony Email & Collaboration features include:

1. Unified Quarantine: Their patented feature enables administrators and users to view and restore all quarantined emails from Microsoft and Harmony Email through an integrated Check Point screen, lowering admin effort.

2. DMARC Monitoring: Upholding a stringent DMARC policy without affecting business procedures assists businesses in protecting their brand image and obstructing impersonation attacks on their clients and partners.

3. Archiving: This function facilitates the preservation of all incoming, outgoing, and internal emails for several years, supporting disaster recovery and legal use scenarios.

4. Smart Banners: Educates users on cybersecurity directly within their emails, fostering policy compliance and facilitating precise reporting of suspicious, subtly malicious emails.

Kinson Chan, CEO of eSix, spoke on the business’ experience partnering with Check Point, “Selecting Check Point has provided us with the most extensive and effective solution. We decided on Check Point owing to its strong standing in the cybersecurity sector and its ability to offer a comprehensive security solution along with its dedication to staying abreast with emerging threats.”

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