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Blackwell Security Raises $13M to Empower Healthcare Cybersecurity Operations

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Blackwell Security, a leading provider of specialized cybersecurity solutions designed for the healthcare industry raises $13M in funding co-led by General Catalyst and Rally Ventures.

– The funding will be strategically directed towards two key areas. Firstly, it will fuel the expansion of Blackwell’s Managed Healthcare Extended Detection and Response (MHXDR) offering. This purpose-built solution addresses the unique complexities of healthcare data security and patient care defense.

Addressing Healthcare’s Urgent Cybersecurity Needs

The ever-evolving threat landscape and growing regulatory pressure have made robust cybersecurity initiatives paramount for healthcare organizations. However, a lack of resources often hinders their ability to effectively safeguard patient data. Blackwell’s MHXDR solution is specifically designed to address these challenges.

HIPAA-Compliant Security for Patient Data

Blackwell’s MHXDR offering prioritizes HIPAA compliance, ensuring healthcare delivery and assurance settings benefit from enhanced security operations. This solution goes beyond traditional methods by significantly reducing the burden of security alerts for analysts. Instead, it focuses on accurately identifying and prioritizing genuine threats to patient data and healthcare delivery systems.

Expansion of Capabilities and Early Adopter Program

The funding will also support the development and expansion of Blackwell’s offerings within the US market. This includes further refining features like healthcare threat intelligence and automated response functionalities. Blackwell is inviting early adopters to experience the power of MHXDR.

Collaboration for Continuous Improvement

Blackwell actively collaborates with design partners, including health systems and General Catalyst’s Health Assurance Network. Through this collaboration, they refine healthcare threat detection and response processes. This ongoing partnership fosters continuous improvement of Blackwell’s MHXDR solution, ultimately increasing access to high-quality cybersecurity for healthcare providers and strengthening the overall security posture of the healthcare industry.

Blackwell Welcomes New CEO, Geyer Jones

As part of this growth trajectory, Blackwell Security has appointed cybersecurity expert and business leader Geyer Jones as its first Chief Executive Officer. Mr. Jones brings a wealth of experience in scaling operations, driving business growth, and executing successful go-to-market strategies. His impressive background includes leadership positions such as Chief Operating Officer at Cylera, a healthcare IoT cybersecurity company, and Chief Strategy Officer at RSA. Mr. Jones joins a seasoned team led by President and COO Jaclyn Miller and CIO Jason Lee. Together, they offer decades of combined expertise and a deep understanding of the healthcare sector’s specific security needs.

“It's a privilege to join Blackwell Security and collaborate with General Catalyst and Rally Ventures in tackling the significant challenges of healthcare cybersecurity,” said Jones. “From navigating intricate regulations, to managing vendor risks and integrating legacy systems, our path ahead is clear but challenging. Blackwell's acknowledgment of these realities highlights the importance of our innovative Pulse platform, crafted by Jaclyn, Jason, and their teams. Together, alongside our healthcare practitioners, we’re able to confront these issues head-on. I eagerly anticipate leading Blackwell through its next phase of growth, ensuring continued innovation and the safeguarding of healthcare cybersecurity.”

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