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With Mission Cloud’s Security Healthcheck, we leverage state-of-the-art detection tools from CrowdStrike—Falcon Cloud Security Posture Management. We examine the security posture of instance-based and containerized workloads on AWS and generate a CrowdStrike dashboard which catalogs your vulnerabilites and incidents which may indicate an active threat.

You then meet 1-on-1 with a Mission Cloud Solutions Architect to help you triage issues, assess compliance, prioritize remediations, and identify any recurring patterns of compromise. Based on these findings, we’ll suggest targeted remediations, improvements for governance and modernization, and long-term solutions for ongoing security management and response.

What your score means

CrowdStrike helps us to assess your security posture in 2 dimensions.

Indicators of Misconfiguration (IOMs) detect vulnerabilities an attacker might exploit and are ranked in severity (from low to critical) according to the potential for harm and CrowdStrike’s best practices for cloud security on AWS.

Indicators of Attack (IOAs) show when correlated security events have occurred within a resource or related resources that indicates an active threat in your environment; this is scored on a 10 point scale.

How It works

In order to detect Indicators of Misconfiguration and Attack, CrowdStrike uses a CloudFormation template to create 2 IAM Roles in your envrionment:

  1. CrowdStrikeCSPMReader-[uniqueId] – a read-only role for detecting IOMs.
  2. CrowdStrikeCSPMEventBridge – a role for detecting IOAs which integrates with CloudTrail and EventBridge to enable near-real-time streaming of logs.

After multiple days of continuous detection, we’ll then prepare your assessment and guide you through the CrowdStrike dashboard while explaining issues of concern and how to deal with them.

Get a $1,000 credit for your AWS Bill

Upon completing your security assessment with Mission Cloud, CrowdStrike will credit all qualifying customers $1,000 in AWS credit. *

* Note: AWS Promotional Credits are governed by the AWS Promotional Credit Terms and Conditions. You must have a valid AWS account to redeem a Promotional Credit code. To see the full Terms and learn more, visit This promotional offer is not available to state, local, federal government, and other public sector agencies or their employees, officials, or representatives.

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