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World Class Support

What do you like best about the product?

From my first conversation with Dylan, the sales development manager in the UK, to my ongoing success journey with Morgan, our CSM, who has been nothing less than fantastic, Drata has been and continues to be a company I love more and more. From an ease-of-use product to having passionate people behind the product who genuinely care for your success in whatever certifications you are attempting to achieve. The ease of implementation and integration enables me to use the platform frequently daily, knowing the number of features that contribute more and more before future audits. After a bad experience using a previous piece of software, Drata does everything and more to give me confidence that the company I work for will achieve our three main goals of ISO 27001, GDPR and SOC2.

You could have the most incredible piece of software in the world; however, without Morgan, who I am lucky to have as my Customer Success Manager, the software falls without its people. Drata has the people behind the product, and the passion shows with each interaction I have with them.

What do you dislike about the product?

Dislike and Drata are not used in the same sentence. I am confident this will be the case today and the future.

What problems is the product solving and how is that benefiting you?

Drata is identifying where we are not compliant. Advising how to correct using it’s fantastic automated software which is backed up by it’s impressive people behind the product who understand but also take the time to educate the issue and solution.

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