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Despite building up impressive security stacks in the Cloud, organizations are still struggling to keep their environments safe. Pentera recently introduced Pentera Cloud as the first tool to provide automated pentesting capabilities for cloud environments. This conversation will focus on the challenge of security validation and pentesting in the cloud, and how Pentera Cloud is redefining the speed and scale of pentesting in the cloud.

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Jason Keirstead, Cyware’s VP of Collective Threat Defense, takes us beyond the AI buzz in cybersecurity. While AI has tremendous potential for cybersecurity, Jason emphasizes its pragmatic and deliberate application to modernize security operations — not as a panacea but as a strategic ally in enhancing threat intelligence, response capabilities, and operational collaboration. We discuss the practical benefits and limitations of AI, offering insights into how security professionals can leverage AI to augment, not replace, human decision-making and creativity in the ongoing fight against cyber threats.

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Anomali’s AI-Powered Security Operations Platform is a cloud-native solution that delivers the industry’s most comprehensive set of integrated and automated security functions. Anthony Aurigemma discusses how Anomali Copilot automates mundane tasks and enables better analytics and reasoning for today’s security teams – automating half of an analyst’s day, enabling them to focus on strategic work. With the ability to augment or replace legacy security systems, Anomali’s Security Operations Platform helps security teams deliver intelligent, actionable, and accurate insights to their business.

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