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GEORGETOWN, Ill. (WCIA) — One Vermilion County school district is taking its security into the future with artificial intelligence.

Imagine being able to identify school threats before tragedy strikes. That’s what’s happening at the Georgetown Ridge Farm District with the help of ZeroEyes AI.

ZeroEyes is a software program that’s going to be added to the security system on all three school campuses. The school board approved the district’s five-year contract with the AI platform last month, with installation beginning this summer. 

ZeroEyes software works like this: if the system identifies a gun on school grounds, it’s immediately shared with the 24/7 operation center. Then, if the center finds a valid threat, they dispatch alerts and intelligence to law enforcement and school staff. 

“It’s just another layer of security that we’re happy to put in place,” Superintendent Dr. Jean Neal said.

Neal said the addition of AI only furthers the school’s security.

“A few years ago, we installed a very nice camera system. Last month, we — the Board of Education — actually hired a school resource officer. So, that’s another layer. And then this final layer is going to be installing ZeroEyes.”

Brad Russell is the high school’s athletic director and history teacher. He said that extra protection will be helpful for crowd-heavy situations like sporting events.

“We’re having people come in and out without any type of orderly fashion like we do during the school day with the locked doors,” he said, “And you’re having to push to get in, and you’re having to be identified. So, this is just another level of security.”

It’s a solution to catch bad situations before possible tragedy. 

“We are just feeling really good about this extra layer of protection for our staff and our students,” Neal said.

The school board approved the district’s five-year contract with ZeroEyes AI earlier this month. They’ll start installing this summer to be ready for the fall.

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