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Anomali unveiled its AI-powered Security Operations Platform. At the center of it is an omnipresent and intelligent Anomali Copilot that automates important tasks and seamlessly reports to management in seconds.

The Copilot navigates a proprietary cloud-native security data lake that consolidates legacy attempts at visibility and provides first-in-market speed, scale, and performance while reducing the cost of security analytics.

“Anomali Copilot is simply different, safe, intelligent, and more business integrated – the key to managing security and all things AI Ops,” said the Honorable Dana Deasy, former CIO of the Department of Defense & JPMC. “Anomali Copilot delivers automated, smarter, faster, and more meaningful productivity – which in turn, helps build and retain better talent.”

Anomali’s Security Operations Platform has modernized and consolidated the delivery of legacy Security Analytics solutions including ETL, SIEM, XDR, SOAR and TIP into one integrated solution at a fraction of the cost. The platform enables CIOs and CISOs to achieve actioned visibility while reducing security incidents and event data storage costs.

“Anomali’s approach to big data is a game changer. It is the only security analytics solution that does not rely on another big data provider as its foundation. This enables Anomali’s platform to deliver more capabilities, at a faster pace, while passing the margins back to customers,” said Christian Karam, former Deputy CISO at UBS. “The speed, scale, performance, and management of Anomali’s hot storage are nothing short of revolutionary.”

Anomali recently helped a global financial institution install Anomali Copilot and replace its legacy visibility tool set (ETL, SIEM, etc.) while reducing cost from ~$10M to ~$5M per annum. Together with progressive global customers, Anomali is revolutionizing a different way of managing security while helping better retain key security talent.

“There are a myriad of cybersecurity threats facing critical infrastructure in the United States today. Silicon Valley innovators like Anomali are a key partner to securing what matters and protecting our citizens. Anomali’s security analytics helped us facilitate intelligence sharing in Maryland and made the state and local governments more secure,” said Larry Hogan, former Governor, State of Maryland.

Anomali has a proven track record of solving problems differently and effectively. Anomali’s founder, Hugh Njemanze, and CTO, Wei Huang, and its team of former CIOs, CISOs, and analysts have always tackled IT and security problems by keeping them simple with cutting-edge technology that is organic and proprietary.

“The future is bright for Anomali and its global customers and partners,” said Anomali CEO, Ahmed Rubaie. “Our passion is to help customers and partners protect and drive their business amidst fast-paced changes in the threat landscape. We do it with values focused on integrity, innovation, teamwork, humility, empathy, and servant leadership.”

Anomali’s global business is growing and so is its executive team. Recent hires with domain and public company experience include Anthony Aurigemma (Chief Revenue Officer – previously IBM Qradar); Sherry Lowe (CMO – previously Splunk & Exabeam); Ali Haidar (Chief Customer Advocate – previously UBS); John Bruns (CISO – previously State of Maryland). These leadership appointments enhance the company’s ability to deliver innovative AI-powered technologies to detect and mitigate cybercrime while accelerating Anomali’s next phase of growth.

“Our innovation is differentiated because we do it jointly in the trenches with our customers and partners – it’s all about use cases that solve immediate challenges while also anticipating future ones,” continued Rubaie. “Not only does that result in meaningful contribution to the business of our customers, but we also help develop their talent and take pride in their career progression with us.”

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