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Whether it’s malicious actors hacking into company systems, people disabling driverless cars or more, there’s a growing security threat for businesses using AI — and one enterprising startup is stepping up to meet the challenge of shielding clients from risks in this emerging field.

Based in northern California but serving clients worldwide, HydroX AI shields businesses, governments, and individuals from the constantly evolving landscape of cyber risks. It does so by performing a cutting-edge risk assessment of a client’s potential AI vulnerabilities and then crafting solutions unique to any problems detected that help to ensure long-term protection.

HydroX AI also provides security evaluations for large language models (LLM), identifying potential vulnerabilities and offering solutions to mitigate risks from the use of LLMs.

The startup was founded by its CEO Zhuo Li in February 2023 to identify and address the new challenges for security and privacy that companies might encounter as they increasingly look to adopt AI to streamline processes and improve revenue.

“This is a brand new space where few people have the right background and expertise to address these very real emerging concerns about security,” says Zhuo. “Hackers can be smarter than companies, and that’s where we step in as a valuable and proven line of defense.”

These threats aren’t just hypothetical, with recent press articles warning about the potential for hackers to disrupt driverless car systems, disrupt business operations, gain unlawful access to company data, and many other potentially harmful breaches where AI is in use.

To counter this threat, Zhuo and his team perform in-depth risk assessments that include using a range of attack methods in-house that the firm can leverage to attack in order to find vulnerabilities — and also to help uncover ways to guard against such dangers. “We’re not aiming to jailbreak AI models to mess companies up but aiming to identify the issues. It’s elaborate and comprehensive, and it allows us to identify all risks,” says Zhuo.

“With the recent attacks that have happened through AI vulnerabilities, we feel it’s our responsibility to enable AI safety and build safe AI. By bulletproofing AI security, startups can reach their AI aspirations,” says Zhuo, whose team of experts can help clients of all sizes.

Founding HydroX AI was a natural step for Zhuo, building on his dedication to always learning the latest about AI and related issues. Before launching his firm, Zhuo was most recently the head of ByteDance’s privacy and data protection office from December 2020 to February 2023, and prior to that, he had engineering roles at major companies, including Facebook, HP, and LinkedIn.

“I have worked with most of the people at HydroX AI prior to launching it,” adds Zhuo. “It has been cool working with smart, sharp people working on cutting-edge projects. These are problems that most people haven’t been addressing or are not sure how to tackle. We would not be able to provide the solutions we are providing if it were not for the experience everyone brings to the team.”

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