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Microsoft and Google will provide a range of free or discounted cybersecurity services to rural hospitals across the country to help them in their efforts to prevent cyberattacks. The announcement was made June 10 in collaboration with the White House and the AHA.  
The AHA played a key role in today’s announcement advising the White House, Microsoft and Google on the cybersecurity challenges facing hospitals and health systems. During the last several months, the AHA worked closely with the groups to identify what services and solutions would be valuable and impactful for hospitals as they continue to strengthen their cybersecurity efforts. 
“Cybersecurity is a top priority for America’s hospitals and health systems. It is also a shared responsibility,” said AHA President and CEO Rick Pollack. “While hospitals and health systems have invested significant resources to guard against cyberattacks, they cannot do it alone, which is why these commitments from Microsoft and Google are important. It’s no secret that many rural hospitals across America are struggling as they serve as a health care lifeline in their communities so keeping them safe is essential. The AHA appreciates the White House’s support of rural hospitals and health systems and looks forward to continuing to work with them and other stakeholders across government, law enforcement and the technology sector to expand these resources to all hospitals.” 
For more details and specifics about the cyber offerings from Microsoft and Google, see AHA’s Special Bulletin.  
The AHA has been at the forefront of the effort to protect patients and health care providers from cyberattacks, working closely with federal agencies and the hospital field to build trusted relationships and channels for the mutual exchange of cyber threat information, as well as share and implement risk mitigation practices and resources. 
The AHA will continue discussions with the government and private sector companies on expanding cybersecurity offerings and resources to all hospitals and health systems. This support is critical as all hospitals and health systems continue to contend with the rapidly rising costs of providing care in their communities and preparing for all kinds of emergencies. 

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