After pullout from Khan Younis, IDF says it is engaged in ‘precise operations’ against Hamas in central Gaza Strip – All Israel News

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IDF soldiers in the central Gaza Strip. April 11, 2024. (Photo: IDF)

The IDF and ISA eliminated a Hamas military operative responsible for internal security operations in Jabalya as Israel continues “precise operations against terrorist operatives and infrastructure in the central Gaza Strip,” the IDF announced Friday. 

Thursday evening, in a joint IDF and Israel Security Agency operation, an IAF aircraft eliminated Ridwan Mohammed Abdallah Ridwan, a Hamas military operative responsible for the terror organization’s internal security operations in the area of Jabalya. Ridwan was responsible for directing armed terrorists to take control of humanitarian aid trucks in the northern Gaza Strip. His elimination degrades Hamas’ capabilities to attack and seize humanitarian aid in the central Gaza Strip. 

The IDF also eliminated Hamed Muhammad Ali Ahmed, a Hamas commander responsible for the organization’s internal security operations in the area of Jabalya, as well as another Hamas operative in its Jabalya Battalion in operations Thursday. 

The IDF is shifting to “precise, intelligence-based operations” to “eliminate terrorist operatives and strike terrorist infrastructure in the central Gaza Strip” as it prepares for a ground incursion into Rafah, the final Hamas stronghold. 

The IDF announced the killing of several terrorists in engagement with ground troops and via aerial strikes in the area of Nuseirat over the past day. Additionally, IDF forces also destroyed several underground and ready-to-fire launch posts in the central Gaza Strip. 

Up to this point, the IDF had not operated in Nuseirat, which is close to the sole remaining corridor with a large IDF presence. The operations were carried out based on intelligence indicating “the presence of terror infrastructure and many terrorists in the area,” according to an IDF statement. 

Palestinian news sources reported the killing of “at least 25 civilians” in the attacks near Nuseirat. 

The issue of humanitarian aid in Gaza has remained an area of concern despite the withdrawal of battalions from Khan Younis, especially for Israel’s western allies. While Israel recently announced the construction of a new land crossing for trucks into the northern Gaza Strip, many countries have continued to warn of a famine in Gaza, especially in the northern Strip. 

Meanwhile, Israel accused the UN of not doing enough to distribute humanitarian aid in Gaza. While the world body’s organizations accuse Israel of hindering aid into the Gaza Strip, Israel’s Coordinator for the Government Activities in the Territories released a picture showing hundreds of truckloads of aid piling up on the Gaza side of the border at the Kerem Shalom crossing, after clearing Israeli inspection. 

Kerem Shalom is located in the southern Gaza Strip near the border with Egypt and just across from the neighborhood of Rafah. The UN has aid workers operating in Rafah on a regular basis. 

“We extended crossing hours and scaled up our capacities. Do your job. The bottlenecks are not on the Israeli side,” COGAT wrote on social media, tagging the UN. 

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