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In this digital age, where the advancement of technology has made various tasks easy and quick for us, it also has brought new problems. The presence of the Internet, cloud computing, and the Internet of Things (IoT) not only has made things easier for us but has also provided a large pool to cybercriminals to attack us.

The Ponemon Institute’s State of cybersecurity report has shown in its latest report that approximately 66% of SMEs were attacked in the previous 12 months. Therefore, taking care of cybersecurity has become essential for all organizations. That’s the place where SOC as a service (SOCaaS) comes in handy.

One solution that is gaining popularity among the people is the Security Operations Center as a Service (SOCaaS). It offers great advantages to boost the security of organizations against rising cyber threats.

In this article, we will discuss SOC as a Service (SOCaaS) and its advantages for the organization. Read on!

SOC As A Service (SOCaaS)

What Is SOC As A Service (SOCaaS)? It’s a security model that lets you outsource the security operations center. In simple words, it’s a security model that is operated by a third party through the cloud to manage a subscription. It provides various security functions including:

  • Log Management
  • Network Monitoring
  • Incident Investigation And Response
  • Threat Detection
  • Reporting
  • Risk And Compliance

Security operations center (SOC) refers to the team of employees that identify, counter, look, and provide responses when they find threats.

There are a total of three areas where a soc can be active which are:

  • Control: Take care of h security by performing vulnerability testing, penetration testing, compliance testing, etc
  • Monitoring: In this area, uses log monitoring to take care of the events and responses, SIEM administration, and incident response
  • Operational: It takes care of identification and access management firewall administration etc.

Is A SOCaaS The Same As An MDR Solution? 

SOCaaS and MDR solutions are two different security guards, having the same purpose but different ways of working and capabilities to safeguard the data. Having SOCaaS means, a security that can identify problems and deal with them and at the same time can also perform other security tasks including:

  • Searching for Sneaky Software
  • Tracking Vulnerabilities

Meanwhile, SOCaaS takes care of overall security. On the other hand, MDR is a good guard that can also identify and deal with problems but it lacks the other security checkups that SOCaaS can do. MDR can only deal with some specific problems.

Why Do Organizations Need SOCaaS? 

SOCaaS helps the teams to keep an eye on the tactics of the attackers, techniques, and procedures (TTPs) so that any kind of vulnerability in the infrastructure can caught timely and resolved.

It is recommended to have 10-12 analysts for the soc analyst. The cost of one soc anlyst is approximately six figures. Today, most of the organizations fail to afford it. According to the Ponemon report, four out of five organizations feel that managing a soc is complex. Today it’s not easy to find the right talent, having the right expertise to cope with the situation. Approximately 64% of the organizations have reported a shortage of talent. No matter what the size is, any size of the organization can benefit from SOCaas.

What Are The Benefits of SOCaaS? 

Continuous Threat Monitoring:

The main role of the SOCaaS is to continuously monitor the network and systems of the organization so that any kind of security threat can be caught and treated at the right time. Threat monitoring includes monitoring network traffic, logs, and security events.

Faster Incident Detection:

SOCaas is responsible for identifying security incidents in the network and systems of the organizations. It may include monitoring and understanding the unusual behavior, patterns, etc

Incident Response:

Whenever an incident happens, the SOCaaS quickly provides a good response as a reaction to control and prevent threats. This way, it stops the threats before they cause any damage. The presence of SOC as a service keeps the data of the organizations safe from third-party access. Having SOCaaS provides peace of mind that you have systems and a team of professionals on standby ensures that the security of your data does not comprise.


As we know, the SOCaaS is a cloud-based service, it just requires you to pay for the subscription. This way it costs you less than the other options available in the market.

Access To Specialized Expertise:

By using these services organizations can quickly get the assistance of a team of cybersecurity professionals if they face any problem. It eliminates the need to hire a staff and then train them as cybersecurity professionals. Meanwhile, it saves your efforts, time, and money.


This service provides scalability. Meanwhile, you can tailor it to the specific needs of the organizations. You can scale up or down according to the size of the organization. This way it provides the correct level of security to each organization.

Proactive Threat Detection:

It proactively searches for the threats in the network and systems of the organizations and identifies them before they harm the system. However, it serves as an essential thing for organizations of any size.

Final Words:

The presence of SOCaaS has made it easy to deal with threats. It has merge all the security tools in one place so that the organizations can easily manage everything with ease. This way, it saves them from managing everything in-house. Using SOCaaS is more affordable and beneficial when compared to creating your own SOC as we have discussed earlier.

By tapping into the expertise of security specialists and using smart data strategies, SOCaaS give security setup a boost. With it, you can see threats more clearly, understand them better, and be able to act faster to prevent the threats. This way it helps to keep your system and data safe from cyber attacks. Both SOC and SOCaaS serve the same purpose of protecting organizations but SOCaaS offers a more flexible and cost-effective solution. Therefore, organizations must use SOCaaS to keep themselves safe from the increasing threats and cyber attacks.

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