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Abnormal Security, a specialist in AI-native human behaviour security, has announced an expansion of its Account Takeover Protection product line to offer visibility into cross-platform user behaviour. This development is aimed at centralising the detection and remediation of compromised accounts across a range of applications, including identity, collaboration, and cloud infrastructure applications.

The company is also launching the AI Security Mailbox. This innovative tool gives employees real-time access to an AI security analyst, promoting increased security awareness while simultaneously automating the triage and remediation of user-reported emails.

Evan Reiser, Chief Executive Officer at Abnormal Security, stated, “As an AI-native company since our inception, our focus has always been on delivering the power of AI to our global customers. Right now, our customers are eager for solutions that… protect their organisations from more attacks beyond email and accelerating AI initiatives across their security use cases.”

Research from Abnormal shows that nearly 70% of security leaders see cross-platform account takeover threats as a significant concern for their organisations. Furthermore, 83% of these organisations have been impacted by an account takeover in the last year. To combat this threat, Abnormal now integrates with more cloud accounts, empowering customers with increased cross-platform visibility and control.

The expanded product also enables autonomous AI models to analyse risky events based on deviations from a user’s behavioural baseline. This is correlated across other platforms accessed by that user. If high-risk compromised account detections are found, they are automatically remediated. A deputy CISO at a global insurance organisation said, “No other solution has the extensive integrations or behavioural AI-based detection engine that Abnormal provides.”

Additionally, the firm is also branching out and providing its clients with the tools to enhance their AI initiatives. In conjunction with this, they are launching AI Security Mailbox, an intelligent co-worker for every security team. When an employee reports an attack, the platform serves as their personal AI cyber assistant, explaining whether the email was deemed malicious, safe, or spam and explaining how this determination was made.

Abnormal’s AI Security Mailbox takes advantage of autonomous autopilot capabilities, and comes pre-trained with enterprise security best practices — all of which can be tailored to each customer’s environment. In addition, each organisation has the flexibility to give the conversational AI agent a name and choose its tone of voice, with choices ranging from formal to humorous to empathic to pirate mode.

These new developments will significantly enhance Abnormal’s ability to protect users across platforms, and its focus on AI will continue to fortify and innovate the company’s security products moving forward, the company states.

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