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Chico Marketplace store Cleo’s Salon had over $100 of hair product shoplifted on Sunday afternoon.

CHICO, Calif. – On Sunday afternoon, two people were caught on camera stealing from Cleo’s Salon inside the mall.

Two people were seen on surveillance video stuffing more than $100 worth of hair products into a bag.

The accounting manager at Cleo’s says that in the last two weeks, $600 worth of inventory has been stolen off the shelves.

Chico Marketplace

Photo of Chico Marketplace.

Chico Marketplace Marketing Manager, Lynette Myers issued a statement that emphasizes every store in the mall has its loss prevention policy, and encourages stores to work closely with security to ban suspects who are known shoplifters. Myers also encourages stores to report incidents to local police departments.

Full statement:

“It is important for you to know that each individual store at Chico Marketplace has its own loss prevention policy. These policies vary for each store. We highly encourage our tenants to work closely with security to ban suspects who are known shoplifters. In addition, they are encouraged to report incidents to the Chico PD and prosecute when possible. The safety of our shoppers and employees is always a top priority for our shopping center. As part of our commitment to promote a safe shopping environment, we maintain a highly-trained security staff that is prepared to respond to a variety of emergency situations. We take proactive security measures that include maintaining daily security patrols of our center and surrounding parking lots and coordinate very closely with the Chico Police Department as a routine practice.” 

Myers also mentioned that the mall takes proactive security measures, including maintaining daily security patrols in the building and the surrounding parking lots and coordinating regularly with the Chico Police Department.

The manager told Action News Now one of the ways to help pay for the lease of the space and to make up for stolen products is by firing staff members and trying to boost sales.

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