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New Google Gemini AI offerings include Gemini Code Assist for Google Cloud, Gemini in Security Operations and Gemini 1.5 Pro. Here’s ten new Gemini offerings unveiled today at Google Cloud Next 2024.

From the new Gemini Code Assist for Google Cloud to Gemini 1.5 Pro and Gemini in Security Operations, Google unleashed a slew of new Gemini AI offerings at Google Cloud Next 2024 as the company looks to take artificial intelligence and GenAI to the next level.

“Google Cloud is the only major cloud provider offering both first-party and extensible, partner-enabled solutions at every layer of the AI stack,” said Google Cloud CEO Thomas Kurian today at Google Cloud Next 2024 in Las Vegas.

Many of Google Cloud’s most popular products including BigQuery, Cloud Databases, Looker, Vertex AI and the overall Google Cloud Platform (GCP) were injected with Gemini AI capabilities.

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The Mountain View, Calif.-based cloud and AI giant also integrated Gemini into several of its cybersecurity cloud products including Threat Intelligence, Security Operations and Google’s Security Command Center.

“We are announcing new AI-driven innovations across our security portfolio that are designed to deliver stronger security outcomes and enable every organization to make Google a part of their security team,” said Kurian.

Google Cloud Next 2024

Thousands of Google partners, customers, developers and IT professionals from across the globe flocked to Las Vegas this week for the annual Google Cloud Next 2024 conference.

Google Cloud is currently on a $37 billion annual run rate and ranks as the third largest cloud computing company on the planet with 11 percent of the global market share. The company is laser focused on artificial intelligence and generative AI in 2024, spearheaded by its growing Gemini AI portfolio.

“Through Google Cloud’s own innovations and those of our partners, we’re able to provide choice across infrastructure, chips, models, data solutions, and AI tooling to help customers build new GenAI applications and create business value with this exciting technology,” said Kurian.

CRN breaks down the ten biggest Google Gemini launches today at the Google Cloud Next 2024 conference in Las Vegas that every Google partner, investor and customer needs to know about.

Gemini Code Assist For Google Cloud

Google unveiled Gemini Code Assist for Google Cloud, an enterprise-focused AI code-assistance solution that lets uses leverage Google’s latest Gemini models.

It offers AI-powered assistance to help developers build applications with higher velocity and quality in popular code editors like VS Code and JetBrains.

“We deployed it to a group of developers inside Google and found they had more than 40 percent faster completion time for common dev tasks and spent roughly 55 percent less time writing new code,” said CEO Kurian. “We’re also seeing success with customers, like Quantiphi, who recorded developer productivity gains over 30 percent.”

Gemini Code Assist supports private code bases to be anywhere—on premises, GitHub, GitLab, Bitbucket, or even in multiple locations.

One big feature is full codebase awareness, which allows users to perform large-scale changes across their entire codebase, including adding new features, updating cross-file dependencies, helping with version upgrades and comprehensive code reviews.

Additionally, Google’s new Gemini 1.5 Pro edition is an option for Gemini Code Assist. This upgrade, now in private preview, provides a 1 million token context window.

Gemini in Threat Intelligence

Gemini in Threat Intelligence uses natural language to deliver deep insights about threat actor behavior.

Gemini in Threat Intelligence allows customers to tap into Mandiant’s frontline threat intelligence using conversational search to get insights about threat actor behavior in seconds. It also helps users enhance the efficiency of their threat research by automating web crawling for relevant open-source intelligence articles, ingesting information and providing concise summaries to aid analysts.

With this solution, users can analyze large samples of potentially malicious code. Gemini’s larger context window allows for analysis of the interactions between modules, providing new insight into code’s true intent.

Gemini in Threat Intelligence is now in public preview.

Gemini Cloud Assist For Google Cloud

Google’s new Gemini Cloud Assist helps cloud teams design, operate, and optimize their application lifecycle.

Gemini’s contextual and personalized AI guidance understands users’ Google Cloud resources to help customers craft new designs, deploy workloads, manage applications, troubleshoot issues, and optimize performance and costs.

One key capability for Gemini Cloud Assist is that users can describe their desired design outcome and Gemini Cloud Assist can generate architecture configurations tailored to their needs. It even explains the reasoning behind its suggestions.

Other key features in Gemini Cloud Assist include diagnosing issues, pinpointing root causes and providing recommendations.

“This provides AI assistance across your application lifecycle, making it easier to design, secure, operate, troubleshoot, and optimize the performance and costs of your application,” said CEO Kurian.

Gemini Cloud Assist is accessible through a chat interface in the Google Cloud console and is directly embedded into the interfaces where customers manage different cloud products and resources.

Gemini in BigQuery

Gemini in BigQuery uses AI to help data teams with data preparation, discovery, analysis and governance.

Gemini in BigQuery comes with a new data canvas that provides a new notebook-like experience with natural language and embedded visualizations, both available in preview. The new offering also includes AI augmented data preparation that assists users with data cleansing and data wrangling capabilities along with the ability to build low-code visual data pipelines.

“Gemini in BigQuery changes the game for data engineers and data analysts by enabling them to be more productive, improve query performance and optimize costs throughout the analytics lifecycle, from ingestion and pipeline creation to deriving valuable insights with AI-powered capabilities,” said Brad Calder, vice president and general manager of Google Cloud Platform and Technical Infrastructure, in a blog post.

Users can also create SQL or Python code using natural language prompts and get real-time suggestions while composing queries.

Gemini 1.5 Pro

Google unveiled Gemini 1.5 Pro edition today, which includes a “breakthrough in long context understanding,” said Kurian.

Gemini 1.5 Pro offers two sizes of context windows: 128K tokens and 1 million tokens.

“In addition, we are announcing the ability to process audio files including videos with audio. Customers can process vast amounts of information in a single stream including 1 hour of video, 11 hours of audio, codebases with over 30,000 lines of code, or over 700,000 words,” the Google Cloud CEO said.

Gemini 1.5 Pro is now in public preview. It’s also in public preview inside Vertex AI, bringing the world’s largest context window to developers everywhere, as well as in Google’s new Gemini Code Assist.

Use cases:

TBS, one of the main commercial broadcasters in Japan, is using Gemini 1.5 Pro to automate metadata tagging on their large media archives. United Wholesale Mortgage is using Gemini 1.5 Pro to enrich the underwriting process and to automate the mortgage application process. Replit is testing Gemini 1.5 Pro to generate, explain, and transform code with higher speed, accuracy, and performance.

Gemini in Security Command Center

Gemini in Google’s Security Command Center helps customers summarize critical and high-priority alerts for misconfigurations and vulnerabilities.

Gemini in Security Command Center also provides recommendations on how to close potential exploits in simulated attack paths.

“The number and sophistication of cybersecurity attacks continues to increase, and gen AI has the potential to tip the balance in favor of defenders,” said Kurian. “These new AI-driven innovations across our security portfolio are designed to deliver stronger security outcomes and enable every organization to make Google a part of their security team.”

Gemini in Looker

Gemini in Looker provides users with new ways to engage and chat with their business data.

“Gemini in Looker is your always-available intelligent assistant, ready to speed you from query to creation, and search to sharing, and bring the benefits of BI to the vast majority of users within your organization,” said Google’s Calder.

Google introduced today a new Conversational Analytics offering for Looker, now in private preview, which delivers multi-turn capabilities for users to ask questions of their data as simply as they would ask a business expert a question on chat, Google said.

Conversational Analytics offers a dedicated space in Looker to initiate a chat on any topic with data and derive insights in seconds.

Gemini in Databases

Gemini in Databases delivers AI-powered assistance that aims to simplify all aspects of the database journey.

Developers, operators, and database administrators can now build applications faster using natural language; manage, optimize and govern an entire fleet of databases from a single pane of glass; and accelerate database migrations.

Gemini brings SQL generation and summarization capabilities to Database Studio, Google’s SQL editor in the Google Cloud console. Developers can now get high-quality assistance to accelerate their coding process based on best practices.

Gemini in Databases also assists with the last mile of database migrations within Google’s Database Migration Service, including code conversion.

“This makes it easy for you to migrate data safely and securely from legacy systems, for example, converting your database to a modern cloud database like AlloyDB,” said Kurian.

Gemini in Databases is now in preview.

Gemini in Security Operations

Gemini in Security Operations is a new assisted investigation feature that converts natural language to detections, summarizes event data, recommends actions to take, and navigates users through the platform via conversational chat.

Google is adding Gemini in Security Operations to Chronicle to elevate the skills of security teams and boost their productivity, allowing them to more easily detect, investigate, and respond to threats.

For example, financial services customer Fiserv is leveraging the solution to create detections and playbooks with significantly less effort, and analysts get answers more quickly.

Gemini 1.5 Pro On Vertex AI

Google’s new Gemini 1.5 Pro is now available in public preview in Vertex AI.

Gemini 1.5 Pro on Vertex AI supports the ability to process audio streams including speech, and even the audio portion of videos. This provides users with seamless cross-modal analysis, providing insights across text, images, videos, and audio. It also provides high-quality transcription and can be used to search audio and video content, such as using it to search, analyze, and answer questions across earnings calls or investor meetings.

Google describes Vertex AI is a one-stop platform for building, deploying and maintaining generative AI apps and agents.

“Gemini 1.5 Pro in Vertex AI, bringing the world’s largest context window to developers everywhere,” said Google Cloud’s Amin Vahdat, vice president and general manager for ML, Systems and Cloud AI, in a blog post. “Additionally, we’re adding CodeGemma to Vertex AI, a new model from our Gemma family of lightweight models.”

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