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National cybersecurity questions were addressed on Thursday in South Bend.

A White House Cybersecurity Director spoke at the Indiana Statewide Cybersecurity Summit.

Cybersecurity is one of the issues concerning the world.

Phones give us quicker access to our email or calendar, but national officials warn that attacks don’t always come with an error message.

White House Cybersecurity Director Jake Braun says investing in cybersecurity is crucial.

He says K-12 schools and water treatment facilities have recently been victims of cyber attacks and funding opportunities nationwide will help.

“Clean water funds, state revolving funds or the drinking water state revolving funds Cyber is specifically called out as an allowable expense as it is saying it is legal to use this money for cyber and in both of those cases we encourage you to use your money to implement cyber security,” said Braun.

Braun says the biggest threat impacting cybersecurity are the vacancies in many different important cyber positions–not only nationally but in Indiana as well.

“It’s a real challenge to fill all these positions and for our perspective it’s important and for keyways and one for the strategy and implementing that but really mainly because from our perspective this is a national security imperative,” said Braun.

Braun, speaking to state universities present, encouraged those to apply for jobs.

He called it a “hiring spring right now.”

One of those universities, Notre Dame, had students and representatives there to learn about cybersecurity. But also take advantage of cyber job opportunities that are understaffed but extremely important.

“In just the state of Indiana we have 20,000 jobs, cyber security jobs that are unfilled and we are here to discuss how we can change this and not only bring more Cyber people to these jobs but we can keep talent in Indiana,” said Jarek Nabrzyski, Notre Dame Director Center for research Computing.

This was the 3rd Indiana Statewide Cybersecurity Summit which also included talks with state universities on forming an Indiana Statewide Cybersecurity Initiative.

That would be a collaboration with the universities with support from the state.

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