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UMO Cybersecurity Program Meeting Critical Need

UMO Cybersecurity Program Meeting Critical Need

MOUNT OLIVE – Cybersecurity is a hot topic as business and government agencies face growing threats of cyberattacks. The University of Mount Olive is addressing that need with its bachelor of science in cybersecurity and applied computer science.

“The rapidly growing digitization and connectivity of businesses and the rising sophistication of cyber threats have created an incredible demand for skilled analysts who can protect sensitive information and secure digital infrastructure,” said UMO Professor of Computing Technology in Education Dr. Karl Reimers. “Moreover, the University’s cybersecurity program prepares students to prevent cybersecurity breaches by equipping them with the skillsets to manage digital data, analytics, server administration, and advanced cybersecurity tactics and strategies.”

Students in the University’s Tillman School of Business can concentrate in either applied or software engineering. The applied track includes coursework in finance, accounting, law, and other business topics. The software engineering track includes coursework in advanced mathematics and physical science, equipping students with the prerequisite knowledge and background needed in areas such as artificial intelligence, data science, 3D graphics, game development, mobile application development, and full-stack development.

Within the cybersecurity program, information technology (IT) skills are embedded into approximately six globally recognized professional certifications, which are based on industry best practices as dictated by employer focus groups. Students who attain these certifications acquire the career-focused skills demanded by today’s workplace. Some of those skills include learning how to hack into networking systems during a vulnerability assessment to keep IT infrastructures safe and secure.

Beyond the classroom, students are required to participate in the University’s Gaming League aimed at fostering networking opportunities through attending regional and national competitions and conferences.

“It is a fun way to engage students and provide them with hands-on learning opportunities,” Reimers said. “We are equipping students with the skills needed to become successful in a growing and lucrative career field.”

UMO senior Alan Meachum of Goldsboro is expected to graduate in August of this year. He has his sights set on beginning his career as a software developer working on full-stack web applications and then moving on to a big tech company working on enterprise full-stack applications.

Meachum eventually wants to start his own company. As a computer science major, Meachum enjoys the interaction and experience he is gaining through the University’s Gaming League.

“We have visited the Raleigh campus of Cisco as well as attended the All Things Open Conference in Raleigh,” Meachum said. “These are great networking occasions that have opened my eyes to the opportunities just down the road from me.”

Guilherme Semola, a junior from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, said, “ I chose cybersecurity as a major because I believe it is an exponentially growing industry that has a lot to offer and many opportunities even for newcomers.” Expected to graduate in May of 2025, he speaks highly of the program and the professors at UMO. “UMO is preparing me to achieve my goals by aiding me in the development of vital skills necessary to enter this innovative tech industry. My professors are always attentive to details and support us in anything we do.”

For more information about UMO’s cybersecurity major, contact Dr. Reimers at [email protected].

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