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AI data marketplace Ta-da has announced the completion of a $3.5M funding round. A number of leading blockchain VCs funded the project, which was incubated by Dubai-based Morningstar Ventures since 2021. The funds raised will be used to develop Ta-da’s infrastructure and to expand its operations.

After its seed round led by Morningstar Ventures which also participated in its follow-up, the project received fresh capital injection led by layer 1 blockchain protocol MultiversX and investors such as GBV Capital, XVentures, NxGen and Spark Digital Capital. 

In addition to helping expand its AI data marketplace, funds will be allocated towards enhancing Ta-da’s marketing and communication and growing its team. It will also support the commission of security audits to verify the integrity of its protocol independently.

Ta-da was founded to solve the problem of high-quality AI data being difficult and expensive to obtain. This has prevented AI companies from realizing their full potential. By providing a competitive marketplace where businesses can acquire reliable datasets, Ta-da enables AI innovation to flourish.

In addition to meeting the needs of AI companies, Ta-da supports individuals who can earn tokens by recording and checking voice data. Using a gamified web3 app, Ta-da allows “checkers” to perform microtasks and to be rewarded for the data they validate.

To support the launch of its native app, and support a thriving marketplace for AI data, Ta-da will hold an IDO on xLaunchpad, the official token launchpad of MultiversX. 

Ta-da is the brainchild of Vivoka, a successful startup that develops speech recognition solutions. CEO William Simonin is a serial entrepreneur while his brother Hasheur, founder of Meria.com and one of the leading web3 influencers in France. Other members of its advisory board include Luc Julia (creator of Apple’s Siri) and Morningstar Ventures’ CEO Danilo Carlucci.

The market for AI data is predicted to experience a 25% CAGR over the next decade, transforming it into a $109B economy by 2023. By gamifying data collection and distribution, Ta-da aims to capture a slice of this rapidly growing sector while unlocking new incentives for web3 users.

About Ta-da

Ta-da crowdsources data verification, allowing individuals to check datasets and participate in a thriving AI economy. While gamifying AI data and expanding use cases for web3 technology, Ta-da allows businesses to access affordable datasets. This ensures AI companies can leverage verified data to build transformative applications that will change the world.

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