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Swimlane Turbine is the triple threat of automation, GenAI, and low-code that solves the most challenging problems across the entire security organization

BOULDER, Colo., January 17, 2024–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Swimlane, automation for the entire security organization, today announced its new Turbine innovations, Canvas and Hero Artificial Intelligence (AI). This transformative combination empowers security teams to build automation in seconds with limitless integration possibilities, leading to dramatic time and resource savings. This approach solidifies the company’s position at the epicenter of security operations (SecOps), delivering the industry’s most robust set of capabilities to analyze and take action on telemetry across the entire security organization.

SecOps teams are drowning in a sea of alerts and evolving threats while facing a chronic shortage of qualified staff. This critical gap leaves organizations dangerously exposed as adversaries evolve their tactics and accelerate their attacks. Recognizing this urgent need, Swimlane has revolutionized its Turbine low-code automation platform with advancements that strengthen security teams by connecting them, their telemetry, and technology through a human-centric AI and automation building experience.

“There is no such thing as ‘good enough’ automation when it comes to effective security operations,” said James Brear, CEO of Swimlane. “Automation remains the most critical investment any security organization can make, and our team is squarely focused on driving innovation that sets a new standard for security operations efficacy. It’s that unwavering dedication that has led us to invest in cutting-edge AI technology, enabling customers to not only ensure the most effective defense, but to save wasted time and money.”

AI-powered Automation and Low-Code: The Future of Security Operations

Swimlane Turbine transforms security automation with its ability to capture hard-to-reach telemetry and expand actionability. The approachable low-code platform enables every member of the security team to automate tasks while offering unparalleled depth and flexibility to meet the needs of the most sophisticated organizations.

“Swimlane places humans at the heart of automation,” said Cody Cornell, co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer of Swimlane. “We built Turbine for the future of automation. Now, as the only independent SecOps automation company, we remain at the forefront of innovation by empowering humans to make AI-assisted decisions, maximizing both effectiveness and accountability. “

Unleash Your Inner Inventor: Turbine Canvas Revolutionizes Automation Development

Turbine Canvas unveils the true power of low-code, shattering the buzzword myth and unveiling it as a powerful tool that democratizes automation for everyone. Turbine Canvas leverages modular and reusable programming components to empower users to build playbooks with an intuitive and ultra-simple visual interface.

Gone are the days of complex code; Turbine Canvas lets SecOps teams craft automation workflows with the ease of drawing a flowchart. Instantly get unprecedented visibility into how all playbooks connect, edit them in one spot, and leverage multiple triggers per playbook for unparalleled control and flexibility. This human-centric approach reimagines how automation is built, favoring clear understanding and collaboration over arcane computer-run logic.

Everyone Needs a Hero: Bringing Together Humans, Automation, and AI to Elevate Security Operations

Hero AI, Swimlane’s collection of AI-enabled innovations, enhances the automation solutions available for the Swimlane Turbine platform. Its potent combination of human and machine intelligence optimizes SecOps workflows and maximizes return on investment, helping analysts work faster and more effectively. Hero AI innovations include:

  • Proprietary and Private LLM: Swimlane customers are understandably wary of sharing their sensitive security information with public large language models (LLMs). With this in mind, many Hero AI innovations use Swimlane’s private LLM. Unlike the experiences with general-purpose LLMs, this ensures that all Turbine solutions can be AI-augmented while all data is kept private and secure.

  • Crafted AI Prompts: Enterprises are using public, private, and third-party LLMs, and need to have the flexibility to leverage them in their security workflow at their discretion. Hero AI Crafted Prompts allow users to take control of their AI experience in Turbine. Choose from a range of language models, including Swimlane’s LLM, to leverage generative AI throughout any workflow. Customers can craft their prompts by leveraging data in their alerts, cases, intelligence, or automation pipelines.

  • AI Case Summarization: Security analysts can rely on Turbine Hero AI to quickly and seamlessly understand even the most intricate cases, alerts, and intelligence. Hero AI case summarization is an intuitive tool that uses Swimlane’s proprietary LLM to categorize and prioritize issues more efficiently. This innovation fundamentally changes the way SecOps teams work by assisting with determining remediation or mitigation steps and explaining case details to others.

  • Text-to-Code ChatBot: Low-code solutions allow analysts to build use cases in a no-code fashion, but for power users and real-time security operations, a snippet of code might be urgently needed. The Swimlane Turbine Text-to-Code ChatBot, powered by OpenAI, is a one-stop scripting assistant. It automatically generates complex scripts, provides Python outputs and test actions directly within Turbine Canvas, enabling analysts to build powerful playbooks with advanced logic in mere seconds.

  • HelpDocs ChatBot: This AI-powered ChatBot is trained on the Turbine Platform documentation and provides immediate support when and where analysts need it. Get instant answers to technical questions, such as “How can I edit an action in Canvas?” without ever leaving Turbine.

  • Schema Inference: Automation has the power to execute on highly dynamic data sets, but data cleaning, normalization, and mapping can be time-consuming for users. Swimlane Turbine delivers innovations that can easily and instantly map data across use cases with total control and minimal user effort. Turbine Schema Inference intelligent testing and curation tools allow users to gain complete insight into a data source for any action, streamlining access and empowering analysts to build robust and efficient playbooks with ease.

“The cybersecurity talent shortage, compounded by the fragmented nature of most security environments, has placed an unsustainable burden on security analysts,” said Edward Amoroso, founder and CEO of TAG Cyber. “This is why automation solutions like Swimlane Turbine are so exciting. They offer a clear path to alleviate the pressure on security operations teams, allowing them to focus on combating increasingly complex and severe threats, and increase ROI by delivering value to the broader security organization.”


These latest Swimlane Turbine advancements are available today.

To learn how these innovations deliver simple solutions for critical SOC workflows and functions, visit swimlane.com/why-swimlane/.

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Swimlane delivers automation for the entire security organization. Swimlane Turbine is the AI-enabled, low-code security automation platform that unifies security teams, tools, and telemetry in-and-beyond the SOC into a single system of record to reduce process and data fatigue while quantifying business value and ensuring overall security effectiveness.

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