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Numerous cybersecurity enhancements will be adopted by Microsoft to address the woeful security failures driven by poor cybersecurity practices and lax corporate culture identified in a report issued by the Cyber Safety Review Board last month, SecurityWeek reports.

Aside from assigning deputy chief information security officers to every product team and allocating some senior leaders’ salaries to advance cybersecurity, Microsoft has also focused on strengthening its Secure Future Initiative, which seeks to accelerate cloud vulnerability patching and bolster identity signing key management, according to Microsoft Security Executive Vice President Charlie Bell.

Microsoft was also noted by Bell to be adopting more stringent identity and secrets management standards while increasing network and tenant environment protections with a focus on the company’s production networks. All software assets used in Microsoft offerings will also be organized in an inventory, added Bell.

“We must and will do more. We are making security our top priority at Microsoft, above all else — over all other features,” said Bell.

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