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Cybersecurity firm Cybersixgill has unveiled its new system aimed at countering threats to vendors through their supply chains.

Exploring the darkest reaches of the internet, Tel Aviv-based Cybersixgill exposes and combats AI dangers posed by such threat actors. 

Its Third-Party Intelligence module provides individualized support for companies’ security teams, which allows for ongoing monitoring and risk detection, aiming to prevent an attack before it is actually carried out.

The company says research shows that there were 245,000 software supply chain attacks in 2023 alone,
which cost organizations more than $45 billion. And that amount is expected to soar to $60 billion next year.

“Security teams can take every precaution to protect their organization’s environment. But if they lack intelligence about the risks facing their third-party supply chain and the impact on their security posture, the consequences can be costly to the company’s brand and bottom line,” said Cybersixgill CPO Gabi Reish.

“With the rising cost of supply chain attacks, our new Third-Party Intelligence module gives security operations and threat analysts critical insights to protect their organization and its network of suppliers and partners,” he said.

“Cybersixgill’s new Third-Party Intelligence is a significant advancement in delivering actionable threat intelligence insights to security teams and CISOs to help them strengthen and protect the organization’s risk posture,” said Chris Steffen, Vice President of Research, Security, and Risk Management for Enterprise Management Associates (EMA).

“Threat intelligence that shines a broad, bright light on threats from within a company’s third-party network has been a glaring missing piece in organizations’ cybersecurity programs. I applaud their efforts to bring this much-needed solution to market.”

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