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MotivationWorks, the Japan-based operator of the integrated cloud BLEND school administration support system, is strengthening its defence mechanism against escalating cybersecurity threats. Experts in cybersecurity and application solution delivery, Radware, have been assigned to upgrade the security and accessibility of MotivationWorks’ cloud services. This development is a response to the mounting concerns over increasingly sophisticated DDoS attacks on the web.

Web DDoS attacks, particularly a new breed of aggressive, layer 7, HTTP Floods, are witnessing a severe hike. Recent data from Radware’s Global Threat Analysis Report revealed that malicious web application and API transactions have increased by a whopping 171% in 2023 as compared to 2022. A significant part of this rise can be linked to Web DDoS attacks.

“Since adopting Radware’s Cloud WAF Service, we’ve been able to accurately prevent even the most sophisticated DDoS attacks on BLEND and continue to provide smooth service,” commented Yuichi Yokohama, Chief Information Security Officer at MotivationWorks. He further added that Radware’s Emergency Response Team delivers a fully managed service round the clock, providing comprehensive research for attack detection, alerting, and protection, aiding them in configuring and updating their security policies.

Despite following proactive security measures recommended by Japan’s National Center of Incident Readiness and Strategy for Cybersecurity (NISC), including blocking communication from overseas IP addresses, deploying a Contents Delivery Network and WAF, and reviewing server settings, MotivationWorks saw a significant increase in Web DDoS attacks. The situation escalated to a level where the restriction on WAF request rate limits was not sufficient to prevent the attacks, a scenario that threatened to disrupt services for users.

In response to this, MotivationWorks selected Radware’s Cloud WAF Service, a part of the broader Cloud Application Protection solution by Radware. Offering a comprehensive protection suite, this service includes AI-driven algorithms, behavioural-based detection, and granular real-time signature generation designed to track IP-independent sources and block Web DDoS attacks. These advances allow MotivationWorks to maintain continuity of services without disrupting legitimate traffic.

Speaking to the emerging cybersecurity landscape, Sangwook Kang, Radware’s Managing Director in Japan, noted, “Following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and the rise of hacktivism, cyber attacks entered a new era. In particular, Web DDoS attacks increased dramatically. Signature, rate-limit, IP reputation, and CAPTCHA features provided by traditional WAFs alone are not enough to completely stop the attacks without blocking legitimate traffic. Instead, organisations need AI-driven and behavioural-based security solutions that can adapt in real time, accurately detecting and surgically mitigating malicious traffic.”

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