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Change360 allows organizations to detect threats, evaluate impact, and restore systems through a user’s change history 

IRVINE, Calif., May 2, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — MightyID, a leading provider of identity resilience solutions, is announcing the launch of Change360, a revolutionary approach to cybersecurity investigations. The release provides companies with unprecedented visibility into their IAM systems through a unique, graphical timeline of a user’s system change history. The Change360 feature allows security leaders to gain granular visibility, easily identify threats, assess unauthorized changes, and revert resulting damages and vulnerabilities tied to the initial source of the breach, also known as “patient zero,” safeguarding identity access management (IAM) environments with unparalleled precision and efficiency.

In a recent survey of 2,300 security decision-makers, 99% of respondents believe they will face an identity-related compromise within the next year. And with the average organization currently taking upwards of 207 days to detect a breach, the ability to swiftly detect and remediate unauthorized changes is paramount.

“Today’s cyberthreat environment continues to grow with dangerous subtlety. Hackers are inflicting catastrophic damage through social manipulation, targeting employees and focusing malicious efforts on IAM systems as a single point of failure,” says Ray Zadjmool, CEO of MightyID. “This is a pivotal time for cyber defense, as bad actors become more sophisticated, focusing their efforts on identity data. Organizations need more robust solutions to protect their most critical assets and to stay ahead. This is why we are thrilled to unveil Change360 to the cybersecurity community, a tool that enables companies to proactively detect and respond to malicious activities in their IAM environments.”

MightyID’s Change360 is a first-of-its-kind solution that gives organizations unprecedented transparency into their IAM systems, allowing organizations to travel backwards and forwards along the user journey to quickly identify and undo harmful alterations. This visibility helps mitigate risks and bolsters their overall cyber defenses before bad actors can take root. By providing granular visibility into system changes, Change360 empowers security leaders to uncover the source of a breach, evaluate the scope of the damage, and restore a system to its secure state with ease.

“Cyber attackers are rapidly evolving in both frequency and complexity, which makes protecting digital identities more crucial than ever,” says Stuart McClure, Board Member and CEO of Qwiet AI. “MightyID’s Change360 gives security professionals the groundbreaking ability to follow the thread of exposure in their IAM environments directly to the point of origin – detecting, analyzing, and undoing any subsequent damage, and effectively setting a new standard for IAM investigations.” 

MightyID is renowned for its expertise in identity resilience solutions, serving organizations across various industries with powerful, flexible, and comprehensive IAM security offerings. For more information about Change360 and MightyID’s suite of cybersecurity solutions, visit www.mightyid.com.

About MightyID:
MightyID is a failsafe identity security platform for when cyber resilience and business continuity is of the utmost importance. We help fortify enterprise organizations’ identity environments through powerful, flexible, and comprehensive IAM security and resilience solutions. Founded on over a hundred years of combined cybersecurity expertise, MightyID is dedicated to creating safer online environments for enterprises across the country and the globe.

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