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Lumen Technologies has unveiled an artificial intelligence/machine learning-backed solution designed to proactively block evolving cybersecurity threats at the network edge. It is aimed at the growing number of cyberattacks targeting business networks, the company said.

The offering, called Lumen Defender, was developed by Black Lotus Labs, Lumen’s threat research team. It analyzes 200 billion NetFlow sessions (network communication records) every day across Lumen’s global network to quickly detect various cyberattacks, including the recently launched “Cuttlefish” malware, which lurks in infected devices, observing all traffic and waiting for an optimum opportunity to strike.

More specifically, the technology identifies hosts (devices) used by criminal organizations and nation-state actors and blocks all traffic between those risky IP addresses and customer networks. Customers can view blocked threats and manage the service from a web portal.

Lumen Defender is in the early access phase and available to select customers. The company will make the product widely available this summer.

“Cyber threats are on the rise and becoming much more sophisticated,” Sharada Achanta, Lumen vice president of product, cybersecurity and AI, said in a prepared statement. “Businesses need an extra level of protection to help detect these novel threats before they can be weaponized and used against them.”

Many attacks today are focusing more on AI-based social engineering.

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