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IIT-Madras Pravartak Technologies Foundation has partnered with Rotary District 3232 to teach around 1,000 school students about cybersecurity.   

The Forensics Intelligence Surveillance and Security Technologies (FISST) Academy of Pravartak Technologies started the training for the first batch of students from Classes IX and XI from government and private schools on March 30.

The programme will be held for 10 Saturdays, with each batch comprising 100 students. The students will learn the basics of cybersecurity, including understanding cyber threats, safe internet practices, data privacy and digital hygiene.

There will be interactive sessions, workshops, and hands-on activities providing students with practical insights into identifying and mitigating cyber risks and enhancing their digital resilience.  

The training will teach students the need to protect their personal information, safeguard sensitive data, and prioritise privacy in digital interactions. Students will also learn to adopt digital hygiene habits such as regular software updates and using strong passwords to mitigate cyber threats. 

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