Human-centric data security for SaaS and Gen AI –

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How organizations can prevent data leakage when staff share data over SaaS applications and Generative AI platforms

Richard Vibert, CEO, Metomic

In this video interview with Information Security Media Group, Richard Vibert emphasizes the importance of taking action to address the risk associated with data loss in the context of sharing data through SaaS applications and Generative AI platforms. Doing nothing is simply not an option.

Topics covered by Vibert include:

  • What are the pain points in securing data shared across SaaS Apps and Gen AI platforms?
  • How can data access be restricted to authorized users including using encryption to protect sensitive data?
  • Evolving ways to secure your clients’ data while maintaining productivity, by allowing staff to use the applications and AI tools that aid in their roles without leaking sensitive data and IP.

Richard Vibert, CEO, Metomic

Rich Vibert is the CEO and co-founder of Metomic, a next-generation data security solution that helps companies reap the productivity and collaboration benefits of popular workplace apps without exposing sensitive information to the wrong people and without getting in the way of employees doing their jobs. Prior to founding Metomic, Rich led data strategy at Sotheby’s. He earned a Master of Science degree in Mathematics from King’s College London and a Bachelor’s of Science with Honors in Mathematics from Durham University.

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