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WestCap’s Christian Schnedler on Why Vetting Portfolio Security Posture Is Crucial

Christian Schnedler, managing director, cyber practice lead at WestCap

Investors are increasingly involving themselves in the cybersecurity posture of their portfolio companies. Christian Schnedler, managing director, cyber practice lead at WestCap, attributes it to the intertwining of businesses with digital platforms. “We invest because companies are supposed to grow in scale,” he said. “If investments are breached, that has a material impact on the business as well.”

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Investors are now integral to the cybersecurity landscape. As they identify and mitigate potential vulnerabilities within their portfolio companies, they are safeguarding both financial and reputational assets. Integrating cybersecurity into investment strategies has become essential to ensure that “security becomes a growth enabler and not a growth hindrance,” Schnedler said.

“When we first make an investment in a company, we look at where they are today, and we forecast where they’re going to be in three or five years,” he said. “We map that journey to a security maturity model … and then we work with their CISOs and say, ‘Here’s where you are today, here’s where the firm is going, here are the requirements that you’re going to face along the way, and here’s how we can help you get out in front of that”

In this video interview with Information Security Media Group at RSA Conference 2024, Schnedler also discussed:

  • The types of cybersecurity assistance investors can offer to portfolio companies;
  • The role CISOs play in developing policies around organizational AI use;
  • Why cyber insurers are becoming a key component of enterprise risk management strategies.

Schnedler is an entrepreneur and investor who draws on his multifaceted, international experience to spearhead new ventures. He applies best of breed technology to reduce friction, improve customer engagement and enhance transparency. Schnedler founded multiple companies serving the high-tech, digital marketing and financial service industries.

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