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Dragos, known for operational technology (OT) cybersecurity, has today revealed an enhanced partnership with CrowdStrike. The collaboration includes the integration of OT threat intelligence from the Dragos Platform into the CrowdStrike Falcon Next-Gen SIEM. This strategy aids SOC analysts in quickly identifying malevolent activity on OT networks, lowering false positive rates and speeding up response times through ample context.

Titled ‘Dragos Announces New Integration with CrowdStrike Falcon Next-Gen SIEM for Enhanced Threat Detection in OT Networks’, the partnership upgrade comes in the wake of rising threats to OT environments, including a 50% increase in reported ransomware attacks. Due to these escalating cyber threats, myriad industrial firms experience a lack of visibility across their OT networks. However, the Dragos Platform provides vital upgrades to cybersecurity defences via OT-native network visibility and monitoring capabilities.

The Falcon Next-Gen SIEM enhances detection and response through an integration with the Dragos Platform. SOC analysts receive richer context for alerts, reducing the rate of false positives by virtue of its intelligence-led threat detections. This facilitates the swift identification of malicious activity in OT environments. As a result, industrial firms can prioritise and minimise real-world threats more effectively, boosting their cybersecurity investments and enhancing operational efficiency.

Compared to legacy SIEMs and alternative solutions, the Falcon Next-Gen SIEM reportedly provides over 150 times faster search performance and increased capabilities, all while lowering the total cost of ownership by 80%. The expanded partnership will enable organisations to: find and investigate elusive threats through AI-powered detections, speed up deployment with streamlined Dragos Platform data onboarding, unify SOC data and workflows to offer superior security outcomes at a more affordable cost, and perform more detailed investigations and root cause analysis across IT and OT to reduce mean time to respond and recover (MTTR).

Global VP of Business Development at Dragos, Matt Cowell, commented on the urgency and increasing sophistication of cyber threats to industrial systems. He said, “SOCs are increasingly charged with protecting operational technology in addition to IT,” and added that the expanded partnership with CrowdStrike will equip SOC analysts with the necessary OT technology and insights to safeguard their entire organisation.

The Dragos Platform integration is available in the CrowdStrike Marketplace today. For more information about this new partnership, an upcoming CrowdStrike and Dragos webinar is scheduled for June 27, 2024.

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