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cybersecurity jobs May 2024



Pinsent Masons | United Kingdom | Hybrid – View job details

As a CISO, you will be responsible for the overall security posture of the organisation, ensuring the organisation’s information and technology assets are protected from internal and external threats.


Cloud Security Architect

Kyndryl | Israel | Hybrid – View job details

As a Cloud Security Architect, you will conduct risk assessments and threat modeling to identify and prioritize risks to company’s business and IT assets, using your experience in security architecture design and implementation within a Service Provider environment to create a security architecture framework.


Cyber Security Architect/Engineer

Honeywell | UAE | On-site – View job details

As a Cyber Security Architect/Engineer, you will participate in building and maintaining a microservices-based application, that enables the delivery of cybersecurity services to customers managing systems and assets that support critical infrastructure.

Cyber Security Engineer – Operational Technology

MAN Energy Solutions | Germany | Hybrid – View job details

As an OT Cyber Security Automation Engineer, you will design, implement, and maintain automation solutions in compliance with the IEC 62443 standard. Conduct risk assessments and security audits for OT infrastructures to identify and address potential vulnerabilities. Develop and implement policies, procedures, and best practices for effective OT cyber security.


Cyber Security Engineer 4

Pacific Northwest National Laboratory | USA | On-site – View job details

As Cyber Security Engineer 4, you will design, deploy, and operate systems, networks, applications, and tools that support cybersecurity and cyber defense. Execute security requirements definitions, systems analysis, systems design, security hardening, security test and evaluation, and certification and accreditation.


Cyber Cloud & OT Lead

Teva | Israel | On-site – View job details

As a Cyber Cloud & OT Lead, you will manage Teva cybersecurity attack surface and act to reduce risks, manage cybersecurity policies and procedures, zero days outbreaks. Implement and operate cybersecurity posture tools. Lead the governance, compliance and posture of the cloud environments.


Cyber Security Lead

QuantumBricks | USA | Remote – View job details

As Cyber Security Lead, you will identify, assess, and prioritize potential cybersecurity risks to the organization’s information systems and data. Ensure compliance with relevant regulations, standards, and frameworks, and staying informed about changes in the legal landscape related to cybersecurity. Lead the development and implementation of incident response plans to effectively address and mitigate security incidents.


Detection and Response Senior Manager

Elbit Systems | Israel | On-site – View job details

The Detection and Response Senior Manager will be responsible for leading a team tasked with detecting, investigating, and responding to security incidents within the organization. Develop and implement detection strategies to identify security threats and vulnerabilities proactively. Manage incident response processes, including incident triage, investigation, and resolution.


Endpoint Security Apprentice

Trellix | India | On-site – View job details

As an Endpoint Security Apprentice, you will assist in the implementation and maintenance of endpoint security solutions to protect against malware, ransomware, and other cyber threats. Conduct regular vulnerability assessments and patch management activities to mitigate security risks.


Ethical Hacker

Yogleela Group | India | On-site – View job details

The Ethical Hacker will be responsible for conducting application security, malware analysis, cybersecurity, network security, and vulnerability assessments.


Global SecOps Engineer

Exolum | Spain | On-site – View job details

As a Global SecOps Engineer, you will be responsible for the apps of appropriate regulations and standards, and management of any deviations from standards. Manage SecOps projects involving IT/OT technology systems and infrastructure. Ensure SecOps projects are allocated, planned, and executed according to plan, budget and scope.


Identity & Access Management Lead

Invesco Asset Management | India | On-site – View job details

Identity and Access Management Team Lead will be responsible for how we design, implement, and continually improve Identity Access Management, Privileged Access Management, Privileged Identity Management, and Identity Governance Administration used across external and internal facing applications, products, services and backend technologies.


Information Security Management System (ISMS) Manager

CertEurope | France | On-site – View job details

As ISMS Manager, you will ensure ongoing compliance of ISMS with ISO 27001 standards by conducting internal audits and coordinating external audits as necessary. Identify critical information assets and assess risks associated with their security. Implement appropriate security measures to prevent, detect, and respond to potential threats.


Incident Response Analyst

Valvoline Global Operations | India | Remote – View job details

As Incident Response Analyst, you will monitor the inbound alert queue, perform initial triage on security events, and resolve or escalate to successive levels appropriately. Record and capture alert timelines for accurate reporting. Parse event logs generated by endpoint detection and response tools and technologies (anti-virus, data loss prevention, client-based web proxy) to detect anomalies and/or abnormalities.


Lead OT Cybersecurity Engineer

Air Products | USA | Hybrid – View job details

As a Lead OT Cybersecurity Engineer, you will plan, design, and implement, OT cybersecurity protection solutions, lead the development and maintenance of OT System Security Plans (SSPs). Perform engineering, design, and implementation of OT security solutions and products, including architecture reviews, vendor engagement, product evaluation, implementation, configuration, and testing.


Penetration Tester (Level 2)

Verve Group | India | Hybrid – View job details

As Penetration Tester (Level 2), you will perform penetration testing and attack simulations on business-critical infrastructure including internal servers, networks and applications to identify and resolve security flaws, probe for security weaknesses in applications, networks and systems.


Red Team Penetration Tester and Operator, Junior

Booz Allen Hamilton | USA | Remote – View job details

Red Team Penetration Tester and Operator, Junior finds possible vulnerabilities while using penetration testing tools and techniques, to ensure security of computer systems, applications, servers, and networks. Applies specific functional knowledge and general industry knowledge.


Security Engineer

Spacelift | Poland | Hybrid – View job details

As a Security Engineer, you will design and implement security measures and systems. Conduct research around IoC (Indicators of Compromise) and implement proper monitoring, digital forensics, threat intelligence, SIEM.


Security Incident Responder

Scotiabank | Canada | Hybrid – View job details

The Security Incident Responder is responsible for managing threats and incidents under the enterprise’s incident response processes. The Global Incident Responder will use their deep knowledge of security investigation techniques and the bank’s operations to enhance monitoring and response by working with other technology and security teams to implement controls needed to close exposures.


Security Specialist

Vectra AI | USA | Remote – View job details

As a Security Specialist, you will be responsible for supervising and analyzing security events, responding to incidents, conducting SOC (Security Operations Center) operations, and assisting MDR customers to ensure their needs are met.


Senior CyberSecurity Compliance Analyst

Emirates | UAE | Remote – View job details

Senior Cyber security Compliance Analyst’s primary responsibility is to plan and lead the execution of risk assessments, compliance reviews, vulnerability assessments and measure compliance against EU-GDPR, UK DPA and PCI-DSS standards. The senior analysts work output also supports continuous review and compliance to internal policies and standards.


Senior Full-Stack Engineer – Security

Mercury | USA | Remote – View job details

As a Security Engineer at Mercury, you will address key security features within the product, such as developing passkey support, enhancing the security dashboard, refining user-facing audit logs, and implementing SAML. Upgrade company’s pentest environment to ensure it aligns with our security researchers’ needs, addressing challenges like data sufficiency and effective stubbing of third-party interactions.


Senior Cryptography Engineer

NewDay | United Kingdom | Hybrid – View job details

As a Senior Cryptography Engineer, you will ensure compliance with key protection standards and practices, supporting ongoing audit and assurance activities. Implement and maintain processes for managing cryptographic keys. Contribute to implementing and operationalising secure key storage mechanisms to support a modern cloud-native consumer lending platform.


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