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New Capability Enhances Cybersecurity Awareness with Multi-functional Educational Posters

SANTA CLARA, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, May 7, 2024 / — CybeReady, a global leader in autonomous cybersecurity learning, today announced an impactful new feature to its SaaS-based Cybersecurity Learning Platform: a cutting-edge Poster Studio designed to support CISOs in educating employees about a vast array of security threats. The innovative tool enables the creation of customizable educational posters to address critical issues such as phishing, smishing, quishing, ransomware, and a wide range of other potential threats that put organizations at risk.

The innovative and easy-to-use poster design feature is a creative and effective method of quickly creating and designing both digital and printed posters. The resulting posters can be leveraged in various ways, for use as desktop wallpapers, announcement screen displays around the office or printed and hung in common areas, providing a constant reminder of cybersecurity best practices.

“Our new Poster Studio feature extends the core principles of our Awareness Bites into visually engaging posters that are tailored to be concise and impactful. They are designed not only to educate but to blend seamlessly into various work environments,” said Mike Polatsek, CEO of CybeReady. “Whether it’s on a factory floor or a corporate office, these posters serve as an essential component of a holistic cybersecurity training program.”

Key Features of the Poster Studio Tool:

– Multichannel Approach: Posters serve as an additional reinforcement channel, supporting diverse learning preferences and enhancing organizational cybersecurity culture.
– Positive Learning Experience: The posters are designed to be user-friendly and require only seconds to read, making cybersecurity education straightforward and effective.
– Extended Reach: Especially beneficial for non-office staff, the posters can be placed in high-traffic areas like cafeterias and washrooms, ensuring that cybersecurity training reaches every corner of the organization.
– Customization and Localization: Available in 28 languages, these posters can be customized with an organization’s logo, colors, and specific messaging, making them a perfect fit for any corporate identity.

As cyber threats evolve, the necessity for adaptable and comprehensive educational tools becomes increasingly crucial. CybeReady’s commitment to developing innovative solutions, like the poster creation feature, is ideally suited to support the mission of transforming all employees into cyber-aware, vigilant defenders of their organizations’ digital assets.

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