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Secretary of State Antony Blinken is set to unveil a new international cybersecurity strategy at the RSA Conference in San Francisco. Paris prepares for Olympic-sized cybersecurity threats. Wichita, Kansas is recovering from a ransomware attack. A massive data breach hits citizens of El Salvador. Researchers steal cookies to bypass authentication. Cuckoo malware targets macOS systems. Iranian threat actors pose as journalists to infiltrate network targets. A former Microsoft insider analyzes the company’s recommitment to cybersecurity. Guest Mark Terenzoni, Director of Risk Management at AWS, joins N2K’s Rick Howard to discuss the benefits of security lakes in a post-AI world. Ukrainian officials introduce an AI generated spokesperson. 

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CyberWire Guest

Guest Mark Terenzoni, Director of Risk Management at AWS, joins N2K’s Rick Howard to discuss the benefits of security lakes and other security considerations for a post-AI world. 

Selected Reading

Biden administration rolls out international cybersecurity plan (POLITICO)

Paris 2024 gearing up to face unprecedented cybersecurity threat (Reuters)

Wichita government shuts down systems after ransomware incident (The Record)

El Salvador suffered a massive leak of biometric data (Security Affairs)

Stealing cookies: Researchers describe how to bypass modern authentication (CyberScoop)

Malware: Cuckoo Behaves Like Cross Between Infostealer and Spyware (Kandji)

Iranian hackers pose as journalists to push backdoor malware (Bleeping Computer)

Breaking down Microsoft’s pivot to placing cybersecurity as a top priority (DoublePulsar)

Ukraine unveils AI-generated foreign ministry spokesperson | Artificial intelligence (AI) (The Guardian)

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