Bulgarian government approves draft memo with Türkiye on cross-border air space security operations – The Sofia Globe

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Bulgaria’s Cabinet approved on January 25 a draft memorandum of understanding between the governments of Bulgaria and Türkiye regarding cross-border air space security operations, the government information said.

Bulgaria performs peacetime duties within the framework of the Nato Integrated Air and Missile Defense System /NATINAMDS/, in accordance with the requirements of the Nato regulatory documents, the statement said.

Cross-border air space security operations are conducted by fighter jets of one country in the air space of a neighbouring country on the basis of a memorandum of understanding concluded between the governments of the two Nato member countries.

Bulgaria has signed such memorandums and conducts such cross-border air space security operations with Romania and Greece.

The memorandum with Türkiye defines the rights, responsibilities and obligations of the parties, as well as the basic principles, procedures and conditions for conducting cross-border operations to protect the air space of the two countries.

(Archive photo, of a Turkish Air Force F-16: US Air Force)

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