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KUALA LUMPUR: With more digital interconnectedness, the dangers of scamming and hacking have considerably increased, thus elevating the importance of cybersecurity, especially in banking and online shopping, where millions are lost daily due to weaknesses in the system.

Realising the need for better cybersecurity, TAR UMT’s graduates who completed their degrees in Information Technology, are now positioned to reduce the risks of cybersecurity.

Yap Li Qing (pix), who completed her Bachelor of Information Technology (Honours) in Information Security in 2021, at TAR UMT, and today works as a cybersecurity professional, said: “Nowadays, our online activities generate a vast amount of data, which some organisations collect and utilise without our full knowledge or consent.

This raises concerns about privacy infringement and the potential misuse of personal data. As a cybersecurity professional, I adopt proactive measures to significantly minimise the risks associated with cybersecurity threats.”

Li Qing, recalled how challenging it was when she first embarked on her degree programme at TAR UMT,

“I was initially overwhelmed, lacking a foundational understanding of IT and cybersecurity concepts, although I had the passion to study IT. This further motivated me to put in the extra effort to understand what I was learning. I spent sleepless nights alongside my teammates, unravelling complex issues and overcoming obstacles in our cybersecurity projects.

It was like a never-ending loop of challenges, but I am grateful that my team and I not only succeeded in completing the projects but also increased our understanding of cybersecurity and so its importance deepened,” she added.

Li Qing also said TAR UMT’s strong network with industries helped her gain valuable knowledge and experience.

“On top of theoretical knowledge, working on practical projects involving the industries was very important in my learning process. What I have learned in theory, I put into practice for these industry projects and this helped inculcate valuable skills.

As for my favourite subjects, I would say Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing because although they were complex subjects to understand, the ability to understand them gave me great motivation, and I found this experience fulfilling.”

She said, “Upon graduation, I was a bit worried in terms of securing employment, but with my degree and the experience gained from my six months internship, I secured a job without much difficulty.

The fundamentals of cybersecurity, networking and programming have become the stepping stones in my job, as what I have gained is applicable to the current company I am working in. This relieves my supervisor from having to guide me step-by-step in my work.”

TAR UMT is recognised as one of Malaysia’s Premier Digital Tech Institution by the Malaysian Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC), for the University’s consistency in fostering awareness among students, promoting the potential career prospects in cybersecurity.

As the demand for cybersecurity professionals continues to grow, universities such as TAR UMT play a crucial role in equipping students with the knowledge and skills necessary to combat cyber threats locally.

For more information about TAR UMT’s computing and information technology programmes, please visit TAR UMT’s Open Day on 18 – 19 and 25 – 26 May 2024 from 10am to 5pm in all of TAR UMT campuses nationwide. For further enquiries, please call 011-1075 8554 or log on to for more information on TAR UMT. There are also various financial aid and merit scholarships available for qualified students.

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