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Amazon Web Services (AWS) announced on Friday (3 May) that it has expanded its cybersecurity partnership with CrowdStrike.

This expansion means AWS has replaced some of its cybersecurity products with CrowdStrike’s Falcon security platform. AWS has integrated both Falcon Cloud Security and Falcon Next-Gen SIEM to protect its wide-scale data logging.

AWS VP of security engineering and CISO, CJ Moses, commented that AWS was pleased to build on its existing relationship with CrowdStrike to protect its businesses.

“Amazon uses CrowdStrike to provide visibility, detection, and response across our businesses in order to protect the cloud, infrastructure, and services for our customers. This is part of our shared mission to help all organisations build, operate, and secure their business,” he said.

As part of its partnership expansion, CrowdStrike will also be adopting more AWS’ Amazon Bedrock, Claude chatbot and Amazon SageMaker to develop its use of AI in cybersecurity solutions.

CrowdStrike stated that it had already been using AWS software to develop its AI research and development.

CrowdStrike previously released its Charlotte AI tool, which uses conversational AI to help CrowdStrike customers receive security related information.

Charlotte AI can provide real-time insight into a company’s potential cybersecurity risks, helping security teams fix these problems and explain it to their colleagues in an understandable way.

“CrowdStrike pioneered cloud-native cybersecurity by building on AWS. The world’s leading companies build their cloud business on AWS, and they protect it with CrowdStrike,” said CrowdStrike CEO and co-founder George Kurtz.

“AWS has been a tremendous partner and customer for many years. We continue to grow our relationship and our use of AWS technologies, as well as working together to help customers secure their cloud environments with the CrowdStrike Falcon platform,” he stated.

In its 2024 thematic intelligence report into cybersecurity, research and analysis company GlobalData forecasts that software will make up 44% of the cybersecurity market by 2027.

The total cybersecurity market will be worth over $290m by 2027, achieving a CAGR of 13% from 2022.

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