Automation Alley Integr8 Playbook Focuses On Cybersecurity Needs In Manufacturing –

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TROY – Automation Alley’s fifth playbook of its 2024 Integr8 Roundtable Series shines a spotlight on the growing cybersecurity risks faced by manufacturers as they continue to adopt advanced technologies that operate on higher levels of information and operational technology.

Today’s cyber criminals see the manufacturing industry and complex supply chains as a lucrative targets, putting companies at risk of cyber-attacks that can cost millions of dollars and halt production. In fact, ransomware attacks against the manufacturing industry were responsible for an estimated $46 billion in losses from 2018 to 2023, according to research compiled by Comparitech.

“This playbook aims to identify major cybersecurity threats and routes of attack, develop a game plan to incorporate cybersecurity strategies that protect companies from inside and outside attacks, and explore new strategies in training and educating the workforce at large in cybersecurity, said Tom Kelly, Executive Director and CEO of Automation Alley. “Manufactures adopting new technology with new capabilities must also adopt new security measures to protect that technology.”

The insights for Integr8’s fifth playbook were gathered at a March 27 roundtable discussion hosted by Automation Alley, which featured leaders from technology, manufacturing, government and academic sectors can serve as a guide to help companies identify and protect themselves from the most common risks.

“Creating a Secure Future: Navigating Cybersecurity Resilience” is available to view and download here.

The roundtable discussion and the recommendations that are captured in the playbook make it clear that creating a stronger cybersecurity future will not happen in silos. An industry-wide problem requires an industry-wide recognition of the threat. By implementing the defense strategies outlined in the playbook, companies and organizations can mitigate risks and capitalize on the benefits of digital transformation.

Topics discussed include:

  • The evolution of Cyber Threats
  • The vulnerability of human error
  • The importance of cybersecurity training, password hygiene, and phishing awareness
  • How to integrate cybersecurity un manufacturing
  • Guidance on industry standards and best practice frameworks
  • The need for proactive cybersecurity processes and regular updates
  • The need for awareness training for students and parents
  • How to address workforce shortages in cybersecurity professions
  • Government collaboration and partnerships to enhance cybersecurity resilience and enforcement

“Creating a Secure Future: Navigating Cybersecurity Resilience” is sponsored by Kelly Services, and was produced in partnership with Oakland University.

The 2024 Integr8 Roundtable Series offers invite-only roundtable sessions where leaders from industry, academia and government meet to discuss the opportunities and challenges surrounding various Industry 4.0 topics.

Building upon the momentum of the Roundtable Series of insightful discussions held earlier in the year, the Integr8 Roundtable Summit, to be held Oct. 3 in Detroit, is the apex of this collaborative exploration into the realms of Industry 4.0.

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