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Passwordless authentication and identity proofing company 1Kosmos is launching a biometric security key targeting workplaces where smartphones are not allowed.

The BlockID 1Key offers FIDO2 and CTAP2-compliant passwordless multi-factor authentication allowing employees to log in to a desktop using a built-in fingerprint sensor. The key can be connected to a workstation which allows offices to avoid assigning every user their own physical key. Each key supports unlimited users for each device while preventing unauthorized access, according to the company’s release.

The 1Key’s biometric sensor is supplied by Fingerprint Cards.

“Passwordless is extremely difficult and costly to deploy in environments such as call centers and manufacturing floors where mobile devices aren’t permitted or used,” says Hemen Vimadalal, CEO of 1Kosmos. “BlockID 1Key eliminates this roadblock and provides a phishing-resistant, scalable and interoperable passwordless experience for workers in dynamically assigned workspace settings – using a stationary, one-to-many FIDO-compliant key.”

In December, 1Kosmos added an option to scan documents with its biometric identity proofing Block ID platform.

Passwordless options from Yubico, maker of authentication device YubiKey, are also expanding.

Microsoft 365 has announced support for passkeys on YubiKeys with mobile devices. The move makes YubiKey passkeys available on iOS and iPadOS for Microsoft 365, and also for other Microsoft first-party apps and applications protected with Entra ID, Microsoft’s identity and access management solution.

Yubico says the move has been on customer wish lists since 2019 when Microsoft first announced support for FIDO2 security keys. Entra ID previously supported passkeys on physical security keys with Windows and other operating systems, but not mobile devices.

YubiEnterprise Delivery, a cloud-based service that streamlines the distribution of YubiKeys to end-users, is now available in more countries. The company will ship YubiKeys automatically to 49 countries, the company says in an announcement. The updated list is available on the company’s website.

Yubico is also expanding its enterprise offerings. The firm is enabling single sign-on to its user interface YubiEnterprise Console through Duo/Cisco.

In a recent interview with Biometric Update, Yubico Co-founder Stina Ehrensvard said that the company is continuing to expand enterprise services around the YubiKey after its September IPO.

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